Mario Basler and Doris Büld “Star Summer House”: Are they voluntarily throwing in the towel in episode 6?

Mario Basler and his wife Doris are not new to divorce. Since 2019, they are a couple again after the crisis. Will the relationship survive the bungalow? They probably won’t make it to the finals.

  • Mario Basler is probably the brightest in 2022. Guest of “Star House”. Spoiler alert: this couple wins!
  • The former soccer pro has skated through various television programs such as Celebrity Big Brother.
  • However, he is stopped by a candidate for the position of comedian.
  • Warning, spoilers! The two will probably not stay until the finals.

Announcement: Mario Basler and Doris Büld leave voluntarily!

Do you have what it takes to become the 2022 celebrity couple”? In the seventh season “Star Summer Home” want Mario Basler (53) and Doris Büld (52) really turn on the gas. However, they probably won’t stay with the audience until the finale. According to the Bild newspaper, the two are throwing themselves during the season (which has been off for a long time) and moving out: “Cult soccer player Mario Basler and girlfriend Doris have become too glamorous, they are said to have left in the ‘summer.’ house “voluntarily”. It will be interesting to see which episode the two end up in.

Portrait of Mario Basler and Doris Büld

PROFILE – This is Mario Basler

Birthday: 1968 December 18
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Place of residence: Rhineland-Palatinate
Profession: former football player and coach
Known for his football career with 1. FC Kaiserslautern and Werder Bremen
Instagram: mariobasleris.official

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© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

PROFILE – This is Doris Büld

Date of birth: unknown, year of birth: 1970
Zodiac Sign: Unknown
Place of residence: Rhineland-Palatinate
Profession: qualified teacher and hotel specialist, sales assistant in the fashion industry
Known For: Stepping Out 2015
Instagram: dbuild

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Direct relationship with Doris Büld and Mario Basler?

The relationship of the football couple seems to be difficult. The couple met more than 14 years ago. in 2009 they finally became a couple and lived happily together until 2016. Apparently the crimson clouds didn’t last forever and separation followed.

A year later, a big surprise happened: Mario Basler returned with his ex Iris. However, the happiness of love lasted only 3 years and he returned to his ex, the template. This time her name was Doris Büld.

That’s how many cigarettes Mario Basler smoked in a day

It was atypical for a professional footballer, but it was his trademark: Mario Basler smoked throughout his career. Interview with Sport1. He revealed the episode with former Bayern coach Giovanni Trapattoni: “Everyone knew I smoked. I once put a lit cigarette in the ashtray drawer when Trapattoni knocked.

As he reveals 2022 In Das Sommerhaus der Stars, Mario Basler smokes a pack of cigarettes a day today. According to him, when his own home is out of stock, he goes to the gas station on his e-scooter to stock up on tobacco.

In 2016, he was still puffing 40 cigarettes a day on Celebrity Big Brother – lighting one every half hour. But then it got too unhealthy for the show’s producers: they banned the chain smoker from smoking. As he explained in an interview with Sport1, he is well aware of his unhealthy lifestyle:

My life today is no different from when I was a pro. I smoke a cigarette, drink lemon vodka, travel a lot and sleep little. But I am perfectly healthy. Every doctor tells me I must be a biological miracle.

Mario Basler in an interview with Sport1.

The scandalous child of the Bundesliga

He was a footballer associated with various scandals – Mario Basler. Long nights of partying in clubs even resulted in him having to pay heavy fines to his club. I went out the night before the first game against St. Pauli in Hamburg. Giovanni Trapattoni looked for me all over the hotel and didn’t find me,” he revealed in an interview in 2021. Sport1 Podcast “Cute Football”.

Mario Basler experienced this success as a footballer

  • SV Werder Bremen.:
  • German vice-champion: 1995
  • DFB Cup Winner: 1994
  • DFB Supercup Winner: 1993, 1994
  • FC Bayern Munich:
  • Champions League Finalist: 1999
  • German champion: 1997, 1999
  • German vice-champion: 1998
  • DFB Cup Winner: 1998
  • DFB League Cup Winner: 1997, 1998, 1999
  • National team:
  • European Champion: 1996 (no action)
  • Bundesliga’s top scorer in 1995
  • Goal of the Month 1992 March 1995 February 1997 April 1997 July 1998 October 1999 April
  • Midfielder of the Year: 1994

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