‘Married At First Sight’ Shock: Only Two Couples From Season 9 Together!

The finale of “Married at First Sight” season 9 was really emotional. In the Sat.1 final of the experiment, four couples decided to continue their marriage. But the fire of love still burns when the television cameras are off.

The ninth season of the science-turned-love dome show focused on six couples: Peter and Jaqueline, Oliver and Michael, Jan and Markus, King and Morten, Natasha and Denis and Nadine and Christoph. While sparks flew immediately with three couples and one was putting in the most effort, the other two were anything but smooth.

Christoph and Nadine already broke up during their honeymoon in Amsterdam. The 29-year-old footballer did not even appear in the final. He communicated with Nadine (35) only after filming to explain the divorce. Reason for quick end: Christoph felt pressured by Nadine and she didn’t want to feel like his mother.

It was the same with Natasha and Denis. On our honeymoon in Ibiza, the stove went out quickly. The nurse only noticed after the wedding bells that Dennis was not her type at all: “It just doesn’t fit, I’m missing something.” exit the show as a “wicked witch”.

That leaves four couples who didn’t go through two different doors in the finale, which would have meant divorce:

Jaqueline and Peter were the first couple to appear in front of the receptionist in season 9, and were immediately seen as a match of dream opposites: She, the vivacious clinic secretary, He, the smooth police officer. The 33-year-old moved his lady love to tears by admitting: “Well, I’m leaving feeling like I’ve finally arrived.” We still had our doubts – until tonight (Thursday, November 22). Jaqueline (26 years old) updated herself in her Instagram story and showed herself in a cozy relationship with her loved one. A clear message was announced: Happily married since 2022. June 30 Before the update, we had entered that they had broken up again. They misled us and we can only congratulate them: much nicer!

Even with Michaela, 34, and Oliver, 42, it was incredibly exciting during their honeymoon. After surviving a tandem jump from a plane, they even wanted to live together. For the prison officer, he’s exactly the man she’s always wanted – and the restaurant manager from Bavaria is also certain: “I won’t give you up again.” The two posted an update on their relationship status on Instagram (see above). In it, Michaela thanks her Oliver for the past few months and writes:

“I’m #brutally looking forward to the future with you! You could say science turned into love.”

Wow, we wouldn’t have thought of that at the start of the show.

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In the finale, the finance manager touchingly confessed his love to the supervisor: “I think it’s so crazy that we really hit it off – from the first second. I love being with you and enjoying the time I spend with you. And yes, I’ll just say it now: I love you.” You can’t express your love much more clearly. This match was definitely a hit, everyone thought, but apparently there has been radio silence between Jana and Markus for months now. Markus recently posted a statement on Instagram, which he later deleted. In it, the 32-year-old wrote:

“It saddens me that my wife would rather write to another candidate about her current situation than discuss it with me…”

Kinga, 38, and Morten, 41, were exciting until the end, as the season revealed that Kinga had feelings, Morten didn’t, because Kinga doesn’t really fit into his “booty scheme.” They felt “easy feelings” and decided to get married, but we have no hope of a happy ending. Both appeared on Instagram along with other former candidates who were also ultimately unsuccessful. Morten apparently got some advice from ex-HADEB candidate Ariane, and Kinga watched the final with ex-candidates Mario and Ralf – so it was a reunion of HADEB single veterans…

Unfortunately, Kinga & Morten have not had a personal update on their relationship status until now, but Kinga posted a comment on Michaela & Oliver’s channel and wrote: “There are no words in the world to describe my happiness…

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