Millie Bobby Brown reveals a big ‘Stranger Things’ secret

There’s still no date for Stranger Things season 5, but at least Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown is feeding fans new details about the Netflix hit.

The start of season 5 of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things is still unclear, but cast member and Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown is making sure to give fans some new information. So she recently revealed the secret of the set that primarily connects her and her character on the show – or rather, not at all!

While Eleven has loved waffles since Season 1 and often eats them in scenes, Brown hates dessert.: “Ich doesn’t like waffles at all. The funny thing is that everyone thinks I like them because I eat so many of them on the show. In fact, I always had a bowl or a bucket next to me, and whenever the scene started, I would spit out the waffle. In fact, I always gagged trying to swallow the waffle.”

Let’s hope that Millie, as well as the rest of the Stranger Things stars, will stay in the mood to chat and continue to sweeten the waiting time for fans with interesting information…

The creators of mystery series Stranger Things apparently brought Netflix bosses to tears with last season’s launch. “We made our executives cry, which I took as a good sign,” director Matt Duffer said at an event in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Reporter reports..

“It was different tears,” added executive producer Shawn Levy, 54. “As a witness, being on that two-hour set and reading the first script, I’m paralyzed by the fear of screwing something up,” Levy said. The 54-year-old man especially praised the attention to the characters of the series. It is already clear that the fifth season will take care of their stories. “Because that’s always been the lifeblood of Stranger Things.”

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Much of this plan was revealed in season four. “But we still have a long way to go. But just as important as the supernatural stuff, we have so many characters now — most of them are still alive — and it’s important to wrap up those storylines. A lot of those characters have changed since the first season developed, so giving them time to finish doing your character arcs as well as tying up loose ends and making final revelations is a balancing act,” said Ross Duffer.

They see season five as “the culmination of all the seasons,” he explained. You have a little bit of each other. Before that, each season had a clear track. The third was her “big summer blockbuster with our big monster”, the fourth featured “psychological horror”. Now they want to return to the tone of the first season, but build on the scope of the fourth season. “We hope it has a little bit of everything,” says the director.

The amazing finale of the fourth season of “Stranger Things” took place in the summer. Since then, we’ve been waiting for news about the fifth and final season of the dark Netflix series set in the 1980s. In fact, Netflix now has us the first sneak peak on Instagram gave and published the first page of the script for the new season. This shows the title of the first series – which is “The Creep”. Now the big speculation in the comments has started: what could the name mean?

Translated, “The Crawl” means something like “crawling”, so it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. One of the most popular theories involves the character Eddie, who became a fan favorite in season four and sadly died in the series finale. Fans expect Eddie to “scan back” from the Upside Down. While we’d love to, we think this theory is highly unlikely.

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Since Stranger Things is so complicated to make, it will have to wait until the final season is released on Netflix. After all, it shouldn’t take almost three years this time, because Corona…

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