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On the officer Twitter account The anime adaptation of Don’t Play With Me Miss Nagatoro (Japanese: Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san) was released today. announcedthat the second season will be broadcast in Japan from 2023. January 7 Check out the new trailer below in this article.

The video introduces the opening

The second season is being produced by studio OLM under the direction of director Shinji Ushiro (Omamori Himari). Taku Kishimoto (Ranking of Kings) is responsible for series composition, and Misaki Suzuki (Tari Tari), as in the first season, is responsible for character design.

The new trailer features the new series’ opening song, “LOVE CRAZY,” sung by Sumire Uesaka, who plays the series’ main character, Hayase Nagatoro. The music for the second season is again composed by Gin.

The original 774 manga has been published in the magazine pocket since 2017. in November So far, 14 volumes have been published in Japan. From 2022 in April dani books published a german edition.

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Nagatoro is in the first grade of high school. One day, she gets her hands on a manga drawn by an older classmate (Senpai). She mocks and teases him and cries. However, the two spend more and more time together. Are they really just friends? Or could there be more…?

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