Mountain Doctor Season 16 Preview – Episode 2: Family Reunion

A new season will start in a few weeks “Mountain Doctor”. The first information about the second episode of season 16 is now available.

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in 2022 In the spring, the season finale started from “Mountain Doctor” and left fans with many questions: What will happen to Martin Gruber after his breakup with Anne? And what is the love between Robert and her with Lilli? Questions that will hopefully be clarified in the new season.

A few weeks ago, ZDF surprisingly announced that season 16 can be seen on TV earlier than usual. Episode 1 will air on December 29. The broadcaster has already released the first details about the episode. Martin Gruber has to deal with breaking up with Anne and moving in with Johann. He also faces a complicated case and the impending sale of the farm.

Series 2 is no less interesting. ZDF has already published the first images and a preview of the content here.


Bergdoktor Season 16, Episode 2: The Grubers Get Visitors


mountain doctor-visiting-lili-grandfather.
Lilli meets her grandfather Rolf. Photo: ZDF / Erika Hauri

In Episode 2 “Worlds Apart”, a mountain doctor has to deal with mountain biker Felix Dreier, who does not want to undergo a major surgery on himself. But the tide turns when he meets PhD student Livija Pavel and is instantly hooked. As she is fighting a cold, Felix takes Livia to Dr. Gruber. On the spot, Martin suspects an allergic reaction and runs some tests. At the same time, Felix should finally start the necessary operation. However, the athlete is reluctant: because of the tumor, he has to operate on the neck spine. But the surgery would mean the end of his passion for mountain biking. The doctor hopes that Livia can convince Felix. But then there is the bad news…

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Also interesting:

Meanwhile, Martin is also struggling with personal issues. Suddenly Rolf and Caro Pfluger appeared sister and father of Han’s late wife. As is known beforehand, the two bring a long-kept secret with them. Does the mountain doctor know about this? Anyway, the trailer says that Martin is worried about the unexpected visit.

Martin and Hans want to keep their distance from the Pflugers, but they stay without Lilli. She meets them at the hospital and wants to know more about her dead mother’s family. If it works?!–endfragment–>!–endfragment–>!–endfragment–>!–endfragment–>!–startfragment–>!–startfragment–>

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