Murder with a View Season 4: Actors, Broadcast Dates, Media Library

It is currently dedicated to Fans of crime again on Tuesday night Hengasch. After a break of seven years, it is popular ARD Series “Murder with Image back to top, new occupation gives a breath of fresh air. The team handles strange cases in a well-known cult province. But on 2022 04 12 the last series is displayed 4 seasons. I like it Maria Gablerplayed Catherine Wackernageland her peers in the season finale are revealed 6 Series Clean Exit

  • When will new episodes appear?
  • What about Season 4?
  • what are the new ones actor?

Broadcast Dates, ARD Media Library, Storyline, Episode Guide, Criticism, actor and filming locations – In this review of the new season, you will find all the information about the series.

New Image Murder: Season 4 broadcast dates

The new season includes six episodeswhich always take place every week on Tuesdays will be broadcast first. There is a one-off double episode at the beginning.

Mirk broadcast dates and ether time at a glance:

  • Series 1 “Hengasch, Liebernich”: 2022-03-08 20.15
  • Series 2 “The King of Potatoes”: 2022-03-08 21:00
  • Series 3 “Burning Hengash!”: 2022-03-15, 20.15.
  • Series 4 “Hack Type”: 2022-03-22, 20:15
  • Series 5 “The Last One”: 2022 April 5, 8:15 p.m.
  • Series 6 “Clean Exit”: 2022 April 12, 8:15 p.m.

Murder with a View: Season 4 at the Media Library

If you don’t see new episodes on the first show, you’re in luck: all the episodes are there, too ARD Media Library possible – from 3 series even after a week earlier than on TV. Then they stand for six months can be found online.

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Briefly about the date in the media center:

  • Series 1 “Hengasch, Liebernich”: August 20, 2022
  • Series 2 “The King of Potatoes”: 2022-03-08
  • Series 3 “Burning Hengash!”: 2022-08-03
  • 4 series “Hackestüpp”: 2022-03-15
  • Series 5 “The Last One”: March 29, 2022
  • Series 6 “Clean Departure”: April 5, 2022

Murder with Chance: Season 4 storyline

Mirk Cologne Commissioner Marie Gabler considers that her stay in Hengashi is only a temporary solution. In a village without network coverage and crime, she is tasked with setting up a functioning police station as head of the service team. She does so not entirely of her own volition, but prefers to be silent about the reasons for her relocation. As a new quarter, it has to go with a caravan bypass outside Hengash. Nevertheless, she takes a job and suddenly has to accumulate deaths illuminate. She still has to teach her new colleagues to research. But Marie quickly realizes: police commissioner Heinz Fuss and Commissioner-designate Jenny Dickel to have their hearts in the right place. They also have inside information about Hengasher’s conditions.

In addition, Marie must be protected from claims Hans Zielonka to defend who, as head of the Hengasch Arbitration Bureau, is defending the territory of his ancestors. Also, see Heike Schäffer In the “new” threat to their supremacy in the countryside. While Marie sends her a message Return to Cologne While she waits, she discovers the good things about life in Hengash between caravans and guards, Paschagrill and Aubach – but the past won’t let her go either.

What happened in the episodes of “Murder with a Look”;  Season 4 took place, check out the episode guide.

You can find out what’s going on in Season 4 Episodes of Murder with Image in the Episode Guide.
© Photo: ARD / Ben Knabe

Murder with a View: 4 Series Series Series Guide

Each of the six new episodes is approximately 45 minutes long. You can find out what’s going on in the individual episodes in the episode guide:

Inspector Bäckström: Season Finale of the Swedish Master Detective

Series 1: “Hengasch, Liebernich”

Marie Gabler, the Inspector General of Cologne, is being transferred to Hengasch to create a proper and functioning police station in the sleeping area as the new head of the service team. She prefers to keep to herself what her transfer and separation from her husband Klaus is all about. Anyway, no one expected her. Because when he arrives he looks at the horrified faces. Then the first case is very close: a body is found in the camp where Marie is staying …

Series 2: The Potato King

Marie is getting used to it. Only the messages her husband Klaus sends from Cologne cause unpleasant interference. But Marie only distracts for a moment, as all her attention is focused on …

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