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MCU’s Moon Knight Series 5, Disney +, finally solves the mystery of Marco Spector’s childhood trauma. But for Marvel Comics, this story is even more disturbing, as you can see in this video:

Sebastian Gerdshikow, a fan of our YouTuber and Marvel, is behind the moon. Because 5 seriesKnight of the MoonIn his opinion, this is the best of the whole series so far. In the video above, it’s not only full of praise, but Like every week, this time it focuses on the most important Easter eggs, MCU interfaces, and the twists and turns of a past episode in history. He will also tell you where the QR code that points to the very first volume of the Moon Knight in 1980 is hidden.

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Sebastian’s comparison to the comics is particularly exciting. Since the story of Marco Spectoro (Oscar Isaac) differs in the production version Disney Plus. partly very drastic from the drawn original.

Differences between the 5 Series and Marvel Comics.

There is no part in the comics about Marco’s mother accusing him of his brother’s death. After all, Randal, as he is called in comics, did not even die. Instead, like Marc, he joins the army, gradually goes mad, even kills Marco’s girlfriend!

Also in the comics, Marco’s father is a rabbi who had to flee the Nazis in the past. But even in their new home in Chicago, the family (and Randall in particular) faced great hostility because of their faith. Particularly disturbing: A close friend of the Spectators, pretending to be a rabbi, turns out to be a Nazi and a serial killer hunting Jews.

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When Marc encounters him, a fight begins, and the protagonist, who was still very young at the time, develops a dissociative identity disorder due to the trauma he suffered. Marc was then admitted to Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, where he remains until his father’s death. Only then, as a young man, does he start his career in the military and the story unfolds a bit as portrayed in the Disney + series.

Sebastian describes it all in detail in the video above. He also clarifies the question of how the strange intermediate world called Duat, which includes Marc and Steven, and whether Steven really died at the end of the episode. There’s also a 6-series teaser where a completely different person could probably become a lunar knight.

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