Netflix is ​​finally returning to one of its most popular series

Netflix has already canceled several popular series. After a three-year hiatus, the international hit is finally getting new episodes.

Netflix is ​​now renowned for canceling shows in just a few seasons, even if they resonate with fans. A comedy series was created recently Space Forces Caught. Even more gratifying as Netflix continues the series, despite a long hiatus and uncertain fate.

Dark Anthology Series “Black mirror” allegedly alone sixth season return as Diversity reported. No more information on the new episodes yet, but fans can learn more more episodes than I look forward to season 5. Only three dystopian stories were told there. Although in 2011 the series was launched relatively little, should Black Mirror staff 6 become bigger than ever. Many series failed to return. Our video introduces ten series that have been interrupted indefinitely:

The sixth season of the Black Mirror should be even more cinematic

According to an internal source, each series of the new season will be treated as a separate film and, as usual, can sometimes last more than an hour. In addition, the budget for the episodes should be higher to make the individual episodes feel even more cinematic.

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In addition, Black Mirror developer Charlie Brooker will return to the Netflix series. At the start of the Corona Pandemic, the filmmaker explained that he currently prefers comic projects and isn’t sure if viewers want more dark stories. The three-year break was probably taken by the series creator to gather new ideas. Fans will have to arm themselves with patience before the start of the series. The start date for new episodes has not yet been set.

Who is flying out? Who will get the rose?

How well do you know Netflix works? Test your knowledge in a quiz:

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