New accusation: The Crown is rewriting “history” in season five.

The start of the fifth season of The Crown (November 9) is fast approaching. But almost every day there are more and more accusations that the Netflix series has overstepped its artistic liberties and is deliberately putting the British royal family in a bad light. The latest chapter in this series of allegations According to The Sun, it is now a well-documented speech Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), held the position of Queen, who died exactly 30 years ago in September.

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in 1992 In November, just days after the fire at Windsor Castle, the Queen gave a speech at London’s Guildhall. In it, she discussed some of the scandals surrounding her family. Among other things, she said the coming year was one she would “not look back on with joy” and described it as “annus horribilis” – “a terrible year”. However, she thanked her and her husband for their support Prince Philip (1921-2021) was granted.

Is the series going too far?

According to The Sun, however, insiders have revealed that the show’s queen, now played by Imelda Staunton (66), will give a different speech. In it, she will talk about “past mistakes”, so openly admit them. However, this never happened in reality, so the series openly “rewrites history”.

Netflix can argue about what did or didn’t happen behind closed doors to justify some storylines. But by changing the language, they essentially rewrote history.” This fact “will only add to the sense that the Crown is taking great liberties with the truth.”

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Even Judi Dench mentioned it

Given the tragedy that season five will bring, among others, the new allegations should continue to cause discomfort for the royal family and their fans. Because the new episodes of The Crown also involve accidental death Princess Diana (1961-1997). An extremely sensitive topic where the risk of disrespectful depiction seems enormous. A fortiori it should be clear, as it was from the Queen’s Speech, that the show’s creators didn’t take this seriously with historical accuracy.

Among others, Dame Judi Dench (87) had already condemned it in clear words. She had recently wrote an open letter, in which she called the series “cruelly unfair.” In the post, Dench also noted that as the series moves into the present day, the creators seem more willing to “blur the lines between historical accuracy and crude sensationalism.” As a result, she demanded that each episode be preceded by a notice clearly identifying The Crown as a fictional series.

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