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Frank Rosin is back on the road as a restaurant savior - Photo: Kabel Eins/Willi Weber

Frank Rosin is back on the road as a restaurant savior

Image: Kabel Eins / Willi Weber

Kabel Eins announces the start of another season Rosin Restaurants for this fall. From October 13, the star chef will once again help stumbling restaurateurs, as usual, on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m.

He has been following the popular TV chef for 13 years Frank Rosin and his team responds to calls for help from restaurateurs experiencing restaurant or bar trouble. Whether it’s understaffed, boring food, or lack of motivation, Rosin offers comprehensive coaching to get businesses on the brink of bankruptcy back on track.

The new season begins in the Hessian community of Langgöns, where Hartmut Schütz and his wife Verena run Gasthaus Schütz, a traditional restaurant that is more than 200 years old. However, the rather less traditional cuisine – pizza, pasta and burgers – does not attract enough guests. The coffers remain empty, so Verena’s second office job has to support her and her husband. A double burden that leaves its mark on the chef. Can Frank Rosin help them?

Since 2009 the chef is the restaurant savior in more than 140 shows of Rosins Restaurants on Kabel Eins, as well as regularly on other cooking shows, e.g. “Taste” see. The show is a Redseven Entertainment production.

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