New Marvel Series Disney + Criticizes Even Before Series 1: Terrible

Starring Tatjana Maslany "She-Hulk: Lawyer".

Tatiana Maslany plays in She-Hulk: The Lawyer.Image: Marvel / Disney.

The first season of “Knight of the Moon” is almost over, when Marvel and Disney another potential hit from the comic universe is already in the making: She-Hulk: Die Anwaltin (originally She-Hulk: Attorney at Law) will begin Aug. 17. and is about Jennifer Walters, who developed the same symptoms as her cousin Bruce Banner after the blood transfusion, albeit in a milder form – including greening when she transforms.

The first announcement came on Tuesday Fans gives a taste of Tatjana Maslany the lead role. Mark Ruffalo, who plays the role of MCU as Bruce Banner, also known as the (Smart) Hulk, also joins the cast. However, after the release is by no means a mere euphoria, one drawback immediately catches the eye of many Internet users.

Marvel fan spot after She-Hulk announcement

Some YouTube users complain that the video still looks unfinished and represents a relatively poor use of computer effects or CGI. The official German Marvel channel writes: “We hope the CGI will get better, and I hope they make more series than any comedy.” Another writer concludes that Jennifer Hulk’s appearance is a bit meager compared to Bruce’s:

“Bruce Bener becomes masculine, tall and green … Are you just painting She-Hulk green?”

A similar picture emerges in the comments section after the U.S. announcement, which ranges from “a little weird” to “terrible.” And this user makes fun of the review: “My little brother just asked me,‘ Are they [wie] Shrek? I can’t stop laughing. ”

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MCU fans crash on She-Hulk

However, optics is not the only point of criticism raised against She-Hulk before its release. “Reddit“If one fan fears a logic error has occurred when looking at the series in the context of the MCU:

“Can Ruffalo the Hulk transform at will? The end game seemed to be in constant shape, but the Shang-Chi end subtitle scene brought back Bruce’s usual banner. So the Smart Hulk is his transformation now? Is that before?” Shang Chi? I’m confused. ”

“Marvel doesn’t seem to care about continuity after Endgame,” said another consumer, who apparently gave up a little while planning to start the fourth phase of the franchise.

And Hulko’s portrayal is also condemned in contrast to the films. “They’ve definitely reduced Ruffalo-Hulk now that he’s smart, which annoys me a little bit. Now he looks like a heavy dictator,” one fan complains.

By the way, Reddit’s CGI effects are even more stringent. Comment here: “This CGI is one of the worst I’ve seen from Marvel. Jesus Christ, it’s completely out of place.”

But the good news is that there’s a real chance Marvel will make some visual improvements before the series begins. For example, in the case of film blocks, the film is even more often complete or the last (beauty) mistakes are only corrected after the announcement is made. So fans can expect it.


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