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New seasons of MDR TWEENS podcasts: Schloss Einstein - Totally Private and Magic Micro

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New Season, New Moderator, New Secrets: Sarah Parvanta (KiKA LIVE) introduces the cast of the popular series on the Einstein Castle – Completely Private podcast. It starts on the 1st day of Advent (November 27) at and ARD Audiothek. There are also new episodes of the time travel podcast Magisches Mikro with influencer Julia Beautx and logo moderator Sherif Rizkallah.

So that fans of the popular series Schloss Einstein don’t have too much time until the new TV season in the spring, MDR TWEENS shortens the wait with “completely private” insights into the lives of the actors and actresses. Who is behind the roles of Victor, Reena, Nesrin and Co? What do the cast members of Schloss Einstein do in their spare time?

The third season of the podcast hosted by Sarah Parvanta, known as the host of KiKA LIVE. She talks to The Einsteins about her favorite songs, favorite emojis and future plans. It features the following cast: Fridolin Sommerfeld, Julie Marienfeld, Matti Schneider, Clara Jaschob, Niels Krommes, Johannes Degen, Merle Sophie Eismann, Thorin Holland, Sophie Mauritz and Jules de Groote.

Ten podcast episodes will be released during Advent. It starts on the first day of Advent (November 27) at 8 am. with the first two episodes. For each additional Sunday in Advent, two more episodes appear online. The final two will be released on Christmas Day, December 25th. The podcast can be found at mdrtweens.dein ARD Audiothek and wherever he is Podcasts gives, can be taken back.

"Sing My Song" 2022: all the duets from the last series

Adventure travel through time with Magic Micro

The Zeithüpf podcast by MDR TWEENS is not about historical figures, but with them. In the third season of Magic Micro, three children Julika, Hannah and Leo meet explorer Alexander von Humboldt on an adventurous journey through the jungle. They meet Annie Londonderry, who wants to cycle around the world in 15 months. The three are there when Troy discoverer Heinrich Schliemann digs up a treasure of gold. They dive into a submarine with ocean filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau and stand by the track as racer Clärenore Stinnes screams car tires.

Celebrities lend their voices to historical figures: the influential Julia Beautx slips into the role of Annie Londonderry. Musician Gabriel Kelly of the Kelly family plays Heinrich Schliemann, the discoverer of Troy. “logo!” host Sherif Rizkallah talks to Alexander von Humboldt, KiKA presenter Jessica Schöne flies around the world, as Clärenore Stinnes and Christoph Biemann from the mouse show explore the underwater world as Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

New episodes of the third season of Magic Micro – Podcast for Kids are now available. mdrtweens.deinside ARD Audiothek and there are podcasts everywhere. On the digital radio channel from MDR TWEENS they can always be heard on Saturdays from 11am.

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