New series “Hartz and warm” from October

Magdeburg/DUR/ymü – Fans of the RTL2 series “Hartz und cordial” can look forward to new episodes from Saxony-Anhalt. Most recently, there were three in 2017 Episodes from Bitterfeld-Wolfennow the focus is on the state capital Magdeburg.

From Broadcaster RTL2 has published three episodes. As always, the main focus is on people’s unemployment. Most of the shooting takes place in prefab buildings in Neue Neustadt, in the north of the state capital Magdeburg.

In three episodes, the main characters give very intimate insights into their lives.

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Hartz and Sincere: Franziska of Magdeburg

Franziska, 35, lives in Platte with her six children, her dog Trixi, and her husband Markus. The family faces eviction.

RTL2 shows Michael/Mickey from Magdeburg

40, homeless and newly engaged, Mickey has been on welfare for 16 years and alternates staying at friends’ houses.

Max from Magdeburg in the show “Hartz and Warmly”

RTL2 also shows daily life Max (20) and Felix (26)who wants to get a forklift license after several months of unemployment.

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When is Hartz und Herzen on RTL2?

Magdeburg Stories by Ufa Show & Factual GmbH should October 11, 18 and 25, Tuesdays, 8:15 p.m via RTL2 to be broadcast.

watch the episode in advance? Available for pickup in the premium RTL+ area

In addition, episodes should be available for seven days prior to broadcast in the premium RTL+ area and for a further 30 days thereafter.

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How many seasons are there in Hartz and Sincerely?

  • Season 1: Duisburg Railway Settlement (2016)
  • Season 2: Not yet shown
  • Season 3: Benz Barracks Mannheim (2017)
  • Season 4: Bitterfeld-Wolfen Prefab Buildings (2017)
  • Season 5: Return to Benz Barracks (2018)
  • Season 6: The Blockmacherring von Rostock (2018)
  • Season 7: Salzgitter Lebenstedt (2018)
  • Season 8: The Vinzler District of Pirmasens (2019)
  • Season 9: Niedergörsdorf – Old Camp (2019)
  • Season 10: The Blocks of Rostock Big Small (2020)
  • Season 11: Return to Benz Barracks (2019)
  • Staffel 12: Bergheim (2020)
  • Season 13: Return to Salzgitter (2020)
  • Season 14: Return to Benz Barracks (2020)
  • Season 15: Krefeld (2020)
  • Season 16: Frankfurt/Oder (2020)
  • Staffel 17: Köln-Bickendorf (2021)

Which crowd favorite died last?

Gudrun, known from Benz Barracks in Mannheim, died in the summer of 2022. She was 62 years old.

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