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Betty’s Diagnosis season 9 hiatus is coming to an end. When and how does it last?

After the first eleven episodes of the ninth season, nurse Betty (Annina Hellenthal) and her colleagues at the Aachen Karlsklinika took a short break from broadcasting, but now it ends. Anyone who is already wondering how the hospital series will continue from 2022. December 16, as usual, every Friday from 7:25 p.m. via ZDF. “Betty’s Diagnosis” Turn on season 9.

DVDs of previous seasons of the series are available on Amazon.

Betty’s Diagnosis Season 9 Has Started: When Will It Continue?

Nurse Betty will soon be looking after the well-being of her patients again for season nine in 2022 December 16 further on. On Fridays, you have to turn it on as usual from 19:25 on ZDF. If you can’t wait that long, you’ll get the latest episode a week early in the ZDF media library to see – currently there are even three other (!) series available there.

A quick look at the upcoming Betty’s Diagnosis Season 9 air dates:

  • Hour of Truth Episode 12: 2022 December 16 from 19:25 on ZDF
  • It’s All In The Beginning Episode 13: 2022 December 23 from 19.25 on ZDF
  • Bad Boys Episode 14: 2022 December 30 from 19:25 on ZDF
  • Hacking Episode 15: 2023 January 6 from 19:25 on ZDF
  • Episode 16 “The Challenge”: 2023 January 13 from 19:50 on ZDF
  • Family Suddenly Episode 17: 2023 January 20 from 19.25 on ZDF
  • Too Much Too Soon Episode 18: 2023 January 27 from 19:25 on ZDF
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You can shorten the wait for the next episode with this video:

Preview: How Will Betty’s Diagnosis Season 9 Continue?

While Betty’s determination to operate at Karlsklinika is in demand, the nurse must manage personal emotional chaos, as usual in season 9.

– Warning: Season 9 spoilers follow –

After Rike secretly goes off the pills, it’s not just the tension between her and Betty, but Oliver also feels betrayed and has consequences. Can Rike get him back? Meanwhile, Dr. Koopmann harbors a dark secret, but nurse Lukas makes it anything but easy for him. When a colleague is brought in with serious injuries and his life is in danger, private disputes have to be put aside.

“Betty’s Diagnosis” Season 9 Cast: Who’s In It?

– Warning: Spoilers for the end of season 8 follow –

Anyone who tunes in regularly to ZDF to follow Betty’s zeal at Karlsklinika can breathe a sigh of relief: we can continue to welcome Annina Hellenthal as Sister Betty Weiss. ZDF also confirmed that viewers could see Isabell Horn (playing Rike Köhler), Claudia Hiersche (playing Dr. Helen von Arnstett), Tobias Licht (playing Dr. Tom Koopmann), Niklas Löffler (playing Luka Hilpert), Ron Özkan ( plays Ava). Edemir) and Florian Fitz (playing Prof. Dr. Alexander von Arnstet). Antonia Döring and Alvar Goetze will also star as Mia and Yannick.

Briefly about the cast of “Betty’s Diagnosis” season 9:

  • Annina Hellenthal with Betty Weiss
  • Isabell Horn and Rike Köhler
  • Claudia Hiersche as Dr. Helena von Arnstett
  • Florian Fitz as Prof. Dr. Alexander von Arnstedt
  • Tobias Licht as Dr. Tom Koopman
  • Niklas Löffler as Lukas Hilpert
  • Antonia Döring as Mia Kunze
  • Alvar Goetze as Yannick Weiss
  • Sybille J. Schwedwill as Mechthild Puhl
  • Rona Ozkan with Ava Edemir
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We can also welcome new faces to ZDF-Weekly: Florian Frowein will be the new resident Dr. Paul Eckart can be seen, Constantin Lücke slips into the role of the Doctor. Julius Walden. You can also expect guest appearances from Petra Kleinert, Marek Erhardt, Alexander Schubert, Michael Kessler and Patrick Mölleken.

Did you enjoy Klinik am Südring in addition to Betty’s Diagnosis? Then this quiz shouldn’t be a problem for you:

Klinik am Südring: Do you know the hospital series well?

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