News: Fiona Shaw and others for season 4 of True Detective

For a fourth season on HBOA true detectiveAfter the deadline, some actors were added to the cast. These are: Fiona Shaw, John Hawkes, Christopher EcclestonFinn Bennett and Anna Lambe.

The fourth season of the anthology series is subtitled “Night Country” and focuses on the disappearance of two men who run the Tsalalo Arctic Research Station. Two detectives Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) must confront the darkness they harbor and delve into the haunting truths that lie beneath the eternal ice.

Hawkes will play Hank Prior, a cop with old grudges lurking beneath a quiet surface.

Eccleston will play Ted Corsaro, a regional police chief and political animal with a long history with Liz Danvers (Foster).

Shaw stars as Rose Aguineau, a survivor with a mysterious past.

Bennett will play Peter Prior, Liz Danvers’ protégé and apprentice, for better or for worse.

Lambe will play Kayla Malee, a young nurse who has no patience for anyone who rebels against her family.

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2022-09-24 02:39

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