One of the best horror series of last year is now half price

The horror series “Chucky” has already started its second season in the US, it will be here again in January 2023. However, the first season of Chucky can be seen on RTL+.


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Charles “Chucky” Lee Ray is back and this time he has time to share something from his past. So far, we know mostly about his murderous life in the puppet, but very little about his time before 1988. November 9 And maybe that was just as well. He and his friend Eddie Caputo killed 45 people before transferring his soul to a doll in a toy store. You can watch the trailer here, Series from October 31. on RTL+. You can cancel your subscription every month and it costs €4.99 per month. You can also try it once for 30 days for free. and Right now, order RTL+ for half price. The offer is only valid until 2022. November 28

However, he was not born a serial killer, but the child of relatively wealthy parents. Here’s what else you need to know about the serial killer in puppet form in creator Don Mancini’s new Chucky series. And the fact that Charles Lee Ray is played as a child by David Kohlsmith and as a teenager by Tyler Barish already suggests that we’re getting a glimpse into his past.

Chucky: All episodes of the first season are also broadcast on WOW and Sky

The horror series with a murdering child doll first started in Germany on January 19, 2022. Syfy aired the series about the cult film franchise in a weekly broadcast on Wednesdays. After eight episodes of the first season, the crazy killer doll isn’t over yet: Eine season two “chucky” will start in Germany in 2023 January 26 and will once again be broadcast weekly. Also Heaven and WOW to bring you a special offer for Black Friday.

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Get Netflix and Sky as a savings subscription and watch more than just Chucky.

You can start the second season Syfy also with one follow and behold: this service provider also thought of something for black friday. You can Book a supplier for 12 months at half price. If you choose the Netflix plan, you can still cancel every month.

Chucky: Episodes

01/01: “Killer in miniature”
01/02: “Trick or Treat”
03.01.: “Embrace of Death”
01/04: “Saving Hand”
01/05: “Posted Dead Kill Longer”
06/01: “Mother’s Day”
01/07: “Funerals are rarely alone”
01/08: Killerarmee

Chucky goes on a killing spree and meets old friends and enemies

In an idyllic small town, homosexual teenager Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) finds a doll at a flea market. Chucky (Brad Dourif) quickly emerges as a dubious stroke of luck as a series of murders occur in the town, revealing deep-seated hypocrisy and hidden secrets. But in the meantime, people from Chucky’s past show up and threaten to reveal the truth about him. Along with the new stars, the cast of the film series will also appear, reprising their familiar roles:

  • Jennifer Tilly (Chucky and His Bride, Chucky’s Baby, Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky)
  • Alex Vincent (Chucky: The Killer Doll, Chucky 2: The Killer Doll Returns, Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky)
  • Fiona Dourif (Cult of Chucky)
  • Christine Elise (Chucky 2: The Killer Doll Is Back)

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Preview of the first three episodes (spoilers)

Chucky: Watch Episode 1 (Beware of Spoilers)

Jake finds a doll at a flea market and takes it home. It turns out that he wants to use them as part of a sculpture, he wants to study art. His father, unable to cope with the death of his wife and Jake’s mother, drinks. In addition to family problems, Jake’s school life is characterized by a lack of friendships and bullying, making him quite withdrawn and devoted to his art. A few coincidences play into Chucky’s hands to prevent him from becoming a sculpture – just to be on the safe side, he had a knife in the flea market anyway and would have defended himself accordingly. After a family reunion with Jake’s uncle, Jake and his father have a heated argument. His father destroys the sculpture that Jake has been working on for so long. He should be done with art and dolls once and for all…

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