Open letter and urgent appeal

SV Niederbachem, which is assigned to the district league season 4 after a successful trial, has sent a letter of demand to the Mittelrhein Football Association.

“SV Niederbachem” will also start the district league season on Sunday. While the Season 4 rivals have already played five games, the Wachtberg Community Club will play their first meeting in Donnerberg.

This is the first of 15 away trips that will take more minutes than the game itself when you add up the trip there and back.

The long journey to the upcoming away games is one of the many things that annoys those in charge at SV Niederbachem, leading to an open letter to the association games committee of the Mittelrhein Football Association (FVM). The letter, which was sent on Wednesday morning and is available to our editors, is a reaction to the FVM’s decision to announce the club’s 4th season after the court of the West German Football Association decided to uphold Niederbachem’s claim and reinstate the club as allowed in the district. league.

“We were surprised when we found out we were nominated for Season 4,” says SVN CEO Marc Plaetrich, who also represents the club. Because the grouping this season means that the future opponents are not called Bornheim, Uckerath or Beuel, but Lohn, Würm-Linden or Eicherscheid. “It’s probably for the fact that we exposed FVM in their opinion.” But in fact we only exercised our rights,” says Plaetrich.

The criticism of the association that the Niederbachemers express in their letter is huge. “It should be noted that it was your fault that we were relegated from the second season of the district league. Without this mistake, we would still be where we belong today,” the letter reads. And in season 2.

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But, as you know, things turned out differently. The decision for Season 4 was not easy, says Markus Müller. It was clear to the chairman of the FVM association’s playing committee that “Niederbachem is not happy about it”. But there would have been “no decision where we could get applause from all sides.”

Niederbachem are now feeling the full force of the consequences, with a weakened form as well as 15 other clubs in Season 4, all from our region. Because they have a long journey ahead of them, which, of course, will cost time and money. The SV board has calculated that this season the opportunity costs will be around 12,000 euros; fuel consumption alone would amount to 9,000 euros. “If you consider this as a benchmark for other clubs, each team will have an additional financial burden of 600 euros. Added to that is the lost revenue due to the lack of away fans,” explains Plaetrich. Therefore, in an open letter, the board of SVN calls for “compensation”.

The responsible persons are also annoyed by the fact that the association does not fulfill its ecological responsibility. “Onward journeys between us and our future rivals emit as much CO2 as 24 flights from Cologne/Bona to Palma de Mallorca.”

The letter ends with an urgent call: “Enter SV Niederbachem in Season 2, avoid the aforementioned negative consequences and draw your own personal conclusions.” Clear the way for a new start of the FVM, which will ensure that the existing regulations are completed and that such a procedure does not need to be repeated.

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