Outlander Season 6: Fraser Murders Murder! Are Claire and Jamie in danger? – it happens in series 6

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The stormy life of the frasers

Life in the Fraser Ridge is getting restless in Outlander’s Season 6 Series 6. Jamie and Claire’s marriage and reputation were in jeopardy. Then the murder takes place.

Outlander Season 6: Malva Christie has no scruples.

Outlander Season 6: Malva Christie has no scruples. (Credit: Robert Wilson / Starz)

  • OutlanderSeason 6 Series 6 presents a terrible surprise.
  • Not only did Claire fall ill, but her marriage to James was suddenly compromised.
  • Will Claire become a killer?

6 series Outlanders Season 6 bypasses dysentery and crashes hard into Fraser’s ridge. Lots of people are dying and Clare wants to find out the cause. The water appears to be contaminated, but if Claire fails to find the source, she becomes ill herself.

For about a week, Claire has been battling severe fever and hallucinations. Malva takes care of Clare’s illness, Jamie also takes care of his wife. Claire wakes up dreaming of snakes in her home. While she was unconscious, Mrs. Bug and Lizzie cut her hair, thinking it would help with the fever.

Claire and Jamie are shocked by their new hairstyle, but are glad Claire is feeling better. Jamie, meanwhile, found out that a moose that had died in the river had caused contaminated water. Most people are better now.

After Claie finds out that Tom Christie has the same symptoms as her, she tries to take a stool sample from him, but he answers no, and Jams returns his wife back to bed. Two weeks later, Christies shows up at Fraser’s Ridge. Malva is pregnant and claims Jamie is the father of her child.

According to Malva, she and Jamie slept together right next to Claire’s bed as Jamie sought solace. Jamie denies this. Malva can tell you in detail about Jamie’s scars, but we know that from previous episodes that Malva was watching James and Kler having sex.

Also, we know that Malva slept with her husband in church and it turns out she also slept with Ian. But Jamie claims to be innocent, and Claire believes him. But the mood in the Fraser ridge continues to deteriorate, and residents look at Claire and Jamie suspiciously.

A few months later, Claire hallucinates in the operating room, seeing Lionel. She looks out the window and sees Malva heading for the house. Panicked, Panler was poisoned with ether again. She wakes up and sees Malva watching her. Malva calls them devils and old and wrinkled. No wonder Jam prefers to sleep with her rather than with Claire. Claire grabs a scalpel and threatens to kill Malva.

But it turns out it was just Claire’s dream. She stands up and goes to the grass. But in front of the house lies Malva’s cut throat. Was it really just a dream?

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