Podcast Tips with Ilona Hartmann – Cui Bono – Season 2, Der Kultpodcast and Polyester Podcast

The Über Podcast returns as a trio of critics. In this issue, Ina Plodroch talks to podcaster and author Ilona Hartmann and ÜberPodcast editor Kais Harrabi about three podcasts you can use in the run-up to Christmas.

First season “Which Bono” was subtitled “WTF Happened to Ken Jebsen” and asked how the cult radio host became one of the country’s most prominent conspiracy theorists. Incidentally, the creators of Studio Bummens heralded the golden age of the German-language storytelling podcast with this first season. In the second season, host Khesrau Behroz talks about the Dragon Lord: a harassing YouTuber who eventually became a victim of online hate before things escalated in the real world.

Ever since Elon Musk sold Twitter, many users have fled to the alternative platform Mastodon. It also includes Twitter humor giants like Dax Werner or the Creamspeak duo. If you still want something to laugh about, you have no choice but to look for alternatives. “Cult podcast – with Susi and Lotti” is such an example. It was created as an ironic alternative to Lanz & Precht and is hosted by Susanne Bumms and DJ Lotti, two artificial Twitter figures. The two talk about their absurd adventures and talk about current events.

From Polyester Podcast is an English-language podcast covering all things pop culture. It deals with topics such as anti-intellectualism, retrofuturism or the question of whether “ugly” is the new “beautiful” – always from a queer and feminist perspective. It sounds like a conversation between friends and is always interesting. Only: why is there nothing similar in the German-speaking world?

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