Prince Harry: Already after the second season, he wanted to stop The Crown.

Prince Harry
Already after the second season, he wanted to stop “Karuna”.

Prince Harry

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When streaming service Netflix finally announced the release date for the fifth season of The Crown at the end of September, fans of the British royal family around the world were heartbroken. From 2022 November 9 eight new episodes of the successful series appeared. Little wonder, since Prince Harry wanted to prevent the fictitious treatment of his family history quite early on.

As much as he wanted Prince Harry38 years old, really don’t let it: in the new season of “Karūna” his childhood years were revealed, but most importantly – the divorce drama about his parents. Princess Diana†36 and today king charles, 73, and the tragic death of his mother in Paris in 1997. As soon as the second season came out in 2017, the royals wanted to hit the emergency brake, journalist Angela Levin reports in an interview with The Sun.

Prince Harry: ‘I demand it stops’

Then the author met his grandson Queen Elizabeth, †96, at Kensington Palace to interview him for a planned biography of him. “Have you seen the Crown?” he asked immediately after the greeting. When Levin said no, he insisted, “You have,” but quickly added, “But I demand that it be stopped because I don’t want to be there.”

The Duke of Sussex’s mission failed miserably. Even Harry and Meghan’s business ties to Netflix weren’t a compelling argument for the hit TV show’s early exit.

Prince Harry is well received, but these scenes cause resentment

Will Harry watch the new season despite his displeasure? He might be surprised. The child actors are him and his brother Prince William40, almost cut out of the face. The casting team did a good job selecting young actors. First of all, Will Powell is like his real-life role model.

Will Powell

Will Powell plays the boy Prince Harry.

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Regardless, the new episodes should be a stab in the heart for Harry. And he is not alone. Even in the run-up to publication, so soon after the Queen’s death, there were plenty of headwinds for the creators. Especially the scenes with 2021. novel of the dead Prince Philip† 99, with family friend Penny Knatchbull, 69, caused outrage.

Prince Philip († 99) and Penelope Knachtbull

“The Crown” also speaks of a special connection between Prince Philip († 99) and Penelope Knachtbull.

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Is Harry stepping away from Netflix?

But author Angela Levin seems particularly concerned with the image of Princess Diana. She asked Harry to do something, she explains in the interview. “If he has a conscience, he could do something – of course he could,” Levin said. Sussex residents strike million-dollar deal with Netflix., which apparently prevents them from intervening. “You could give them their money back and walk away. But he doesn’t want to,” claims the reporter, visibly angry: “You can’t stand there and expect people to respect you when Netflix embarrasses your mom and you don’t. Don’t leave.”

Well, the child has already fallen down the well, as the old saying goes. The fifth season of The Crown has arrived on websites around the world. Maybe even a villa in Montecito, California.

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