REAL: Season 2 Episode 10 reruns online and on TV

Another episode of the youth drama series REAL aired on Friday (July 1, 2022). You can find out everything about the repeat of Alle für Herr Schuhmann online and on TV, as well as the other ECHT TV dates here at

On Friday (07/01/2022) at 15:00, there was another episode of “REAL” on TV. You have a teen drama series KiKa Missed and still want to watch episode 10 from season 2 (“Alle für Herr Schuhmann”)? This is where the KiKa media library can come in handy. Here you’ll find tons of TV programs that you can stream online when they’re streamed as video-on-demand. You can usually find a program in your media library when it airs on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there won’t be a repeat of KiKa on classic TV just yet.

“REAL” on TV: That’s what “All for Mr. Schuhmann” is about.

The story takes place in the sixth grade and explores one of the most important topics for children of this age: what is true friendship? In the first season, the close bond between the two girls is tested. They experience intrigue and abuse of trust up to and including exclusion. (Source: KiKa, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

All information and actors “REAL” at a glance

Consequence: 10 / Season 2 (“Everything for Mr. Schuhmann”)

address: KiKa

With: Jakob Lemann, Luisa Wietzorek, Tanya Erartsin, Tina Pfurr, Eray of Egilmez, Halima Ilter, Amani Mtoro, Niala Imani Mtoro, Nhung Bao Ngoc Le and Aleyna Kus

Genre: Youth drama series

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Year of manufacture: 2022

For a long time: 25 minutes

in HD format: Yes

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