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The month of December starts thoughtfully: for each small advent calendar series “Last Christmas. 24 days for love” doors – a new episode every day. The second highlights of the RTL+ series “Sisi” and “Dream House” are also waiting for the broadcasters. Thriller fans can look forward to two fascinating stories based on the idea of ​​Sebastian Fitzek with the adaptations of Auris. Reality has added two new formats, Make Love, Fake Love and Dubai Diaries: Living the Dream, while the fourth season of Are You? offers dating action. The documentary “Fantastic Four – Heroes of Hip-Hop” gives an insight into the success story of Fanta 4, while the documentary “Merkel – The Power of Freedom” follows Angela Merkel’s journey from outsider to world politician. In addition, RTL+ broadcasts live the exclusive concerts of Kontra K and Marteria.

Self-produced series in 2022. December

“Last Christmas. 24 days for love” – 24 episodes, from 1.12.

“Auris – The Case of Hegel” and “Auris – The Frequency of Death” – 2 movies, from 13.12.

“Sissy” – Season 2, 6 episodes, from 12/16.

“Dream House” – Season 2, 6 episodes, from 12/20.

International Series 2022 December

“Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol” – Season 1, 10 episodes, exclusive from 1.12.

“Dallas” – Season 11 and 12, from 12:15 p.m.

“BFF – Weddings and Other Disasters” – 6 episodes, from December 15, also on RTL Passion

Reality in 2022 December

Original: “Are you the one?” – Season 4, 20 episodes, from December 6.

The fourth season of the dome show has been announced - fernsehserien.de

Original: Dubai Diaries: Living the Dream– 8 series, from 2012

Original: “Make Love, Fake Love” – Season 1, 12 episodes, from 29.12.

Documentaries in 2022 December

“Fantastic Four – Heroes of Hip-Hop” – 4 episodes, from December 6, also on VOX

“Merkel – the power of freedom” – ab 8.12.

The Summerfields – Ikke Hipgold and the Party Schlager Empire – from December 10, also via RTLup

Original: Uncovered Only Fans – 4 episodes, from 14.12.

Music events in 2022 December

LIVE: Kontra K at LANXESS Arena – 12.12.

LIVE: Marteria at LANXESS Arena – 17.12.

Movies in 2022 December

Hustlers – ab 1.12.

RTL+ Kids 2022 December

“Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarves”– ab 1.12.

Boruto– Season 3, from 1.12.

More information on selected highlight formats for the month of December:

Original: Last X-Mas. 24 Days for Love”, from December 1.

Why only chocolate in the Advent calendar when you can have the whole series? “Last Christmas. 24 Days of Love” is the first-ever German-language advent calendar series, sweetening the pre-Christmas season this year on RTL+ with heartwarming moments of romantic comedy and pre-Christmas good cheer. a new episode every day.

Original: “Auris – The Case of Hegel” & “Auris – The Frequency of Death”, 2 films from December 13.

Attention thriller fans: Two exciting stories based on the idea of ​​Germany’s most successful psychological thriller author Sebastian Fitzek are coming to RTL+. The films “Auris – The Hegel Case” and “Auris – Death Rate” tell a fascinating story about the fascinating subject of forensic phonetics. The focus is on true crime TV presenter Jula Ansorge and renowned forensic phonetician Matthias Hegel.

Episodes, Cast, Trailers and Stream

Original: Sisi Season 2 Episode 6 From December 16

After the success of the first 6 episodes in 2022 The 2nd season of the RTL+ event series “Sisi” will start for the festival of love with six new, emotional episodes. Empress Sisi (Dominique Devenport) and Emperor Francis Joseph I (Jannik Schümann) are believed to have great luck with the birth of a son and heir to the throne. Instead, that happy moment is the impetus for power struggles in Europe and the beginning of many private challenges.

Original: “Dream House” – Season 2, 6 episodes, from December 20.

Berlin in the early 1930s: The changing political situation did not stop at the Jonass department store, with Jewish businessmen Carl Goldmann and Arthur Grünberg under particular pressure. Vicky, Elsie and Harry must also realize that their lives are taking dramatic and completely unexpected turns. The search for the dream of happiness continues…

Original: “Are You The One?” – Employees 4, 20 Folgen, ab 6.12.

10 new double episodes 21 single women and men face the reality of dating moderated by Sophia Thomalla. Matching Nights then show if the candidates are on the right track and if the Perfect Matches have already come together…

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