RTL expects new series of Barbara Salesch: The sender has an emergency plan

Barbara Salesch’s return to TV screens at RTL proved to be a success. There will be 100 new episodes. But are they on time?

Cologne – 2022 in September, Barbara Salesch celebrated her big TV comeback on RTL – she was previously on Sept.1 until 2021. The Cologne broadcaster should be extremely pleased with the referee, who was able to score well from the start. But how is the court appearance?

RTL plans smooth transition: Barbara Salesch gets 100 new episodes

This has been known for a long time RTL another season with Barbara Salesch has ordered Production company Filmpool is responsible for the show. Interview for a media magazine DWDL Entertainment bosses Vittorio Valente and Felix Wesseler talked about the format and status of the new episodes.

“We are delighted that the second season will have 100 episodes. Of course, there are originals like Bernd Römer or Ulrike Tasic again. What has not changed is that Barbara Salesch examines each case very precisely for logic and makes her decisions precisely,” says Wesseler (more Promi- & TV-News RUHR24).

New episodes of Barbara Salesch: Emergency Plan with reruns await on RTL

The joy of a whopping 100 new episodes with Barbara Salesch should be with many viewers of the show to be huge. But when is it actually expected to air? Will the new episodes be ready on time and stream seamlessly behind the current episodes?

RUHR24 asked RTL and received the following response from Claus Richter, the broadcaster’s head of corporate communications: “The aim is for the new episodes to be shown without a break. If there are production delays, we will fill the gap with replays.

Barbara Salesch gets 100 new episodes on RTL

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Specific information about possible dates is not yet known. When asked by RUHR24, RTL was also unable to obtain any detailed information about the content of the new episodes. “In terms of content, we can’t reveal any details yet, but it’s clear that the format is constantly being worked on and optimized,” it continued.

All information about season 12 and the finale

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