“Sandman” season 2 is not at all clear – the author doubts – News 2022

The fantasy series “The Sandman” has been conquering the global streaming charts for almost three weeks now. According to Variety, the series has been streamed to more than 127.5 million viewers in total. Not enough, if you believe pattern writer and series producer Neil Gaiman.

In The Sandman, the ruler of the dream world manages to free himself after a hundred years of cultic imprisonment. But a lot has changed in his absence. To make things right, he first needs his insignia, and some nightmares have escaped from the dream world and need to be retrieved. But there is also a much greater danger.



After “The Sandman” topped the Netflix charts in Germany for several weeks, the series has now been replaced by German agent series “Kleo”. Internationally, however, The Sandman is still topping the charts. According to Variety, the series has been streamed to more than 127.5 million viewers. hours. Well done to Neil Gaiman, creator of the template and producer of the series.

Despite this, Gaiman recently expressed skepticism about the possibility of a sequel. The Sandman is a very expensive series and you have to be extremely successful to justify a sequel. One episode of The Sandman is said to cost up to $15 million. For comparison, episodes of the last season of Game Of Thrones or Star Wars series The Mandalorian also cost 15 million.

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