Sat.1 cancels new show after one episode: host gets second chance

Sat.1 show “Please contact” starts a new season. The return of presenter Julia Leischik, who simply had to deal with low ratings.

Germany – The success story of “Please contact” will continue on TV station Set.1. Host Julia Leischik (52) will be seen in new TV shows in October. It’s a great comeback after that another one of her shows just dropped the war

Television show Julija Leischik is looking for: Please contact
television channel Saturday.1
seasons and episodes 98 (including special episodes) over 10 seasons

The new season of “Please Contact” with Julia Leischik will be available on October 1.

The new season of Please Contact will air on Sat.1 from 30 October at 5.55pm. In the two-hour show, people search for long-lost friends or relatives, usually separated by a tragic story. Julia Leischik has an anniversary. She has been delighting Sat.1 viewers for ten years. Previously, the presenter was seen on RTL in a very similar format “Dingsta” (all News about celebrities and TV RUHR24).

In the first episode of the new season, Please Contact, Wiebke searches for her family. She was born in 1965. in Hamburg, and in 1972 She was adopted in England by her birth mother’s cousin. in 2005 she received an unexpected call from her sister Jutta, who was in England and wanted to see her. But Wiebke didn’t want to see her, a decision she now regrets. Julia Leischik should help her now.

Presenter Julija Leischik recently had to endure the loss of quotas. It should now work better with Please Contact.

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Das Haus am Meer with Julia Leischik was canceled after a poor rating of 1.

Although the show is a guarantee of success for the presenter, Leischik was not successful in terms of quotas. She The show “Das Haus am Meer” (Saturday 1) – at the beginning of September after just a few episodes was suspended. How DWDL reports, the show managed to achieve less than two percent market share in its target audience.

Der Bergdoktor: The new season starts in December

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