Season 1 Series 3: Red Light District Theft 3 series Season 1 Criminal defense lawyers

Negotiations in the Mörbisch murder case continue over Astrid Wagner. A 29-year-old man is said to have killed a 22-year-old boy in Mörbisch. She fights like a lion for her client’s rights.

Martin Mahrere is now an advocate for one of his regular clients. This is a businessman in the red light district. On good days, they both held five talks in a row. Today we are talking about his fleet. BMW from Porsche to Bentley, everything in his garage. However, cars are often misappropriated by strangers. He rents them out and then they never return. However, it would not be Mr Mahrer’s best customer if he himself did not simply transport the cars from the various car dealerships that bought the stolen goods.

In this episode, Philipp Winkler represents the victim of fraud. The minor took over his father’s business at that time. A trustee was hired as the CEO, who abused his trust and allegedly appropriated 60,000. The pony is defended by Astrid Wagner. Clash between two defenders of crime.

In Fürstenfeld, fists fly low on a long day of shopping. Ulf Schulze-Bauer represents a young man who is said to have seriously injured another night late. The ad is based solely on research through Facebook …

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