Season 2 of Insider Tip will air in December

Squid Game is Netflix’s most successful series to date. The streamer has already announced its second season, but it still needs time. The second season of Alice on the Borderlands comes much earlier, just as good as The Squid Game, but still an absolute tip.


Surprised last year Netflix With “Squid game‘ from Korea. No other series was more successful. Real Hype has been activated. However, a similar Japanese series appeared on Netflix in 2020. at the end In Alice on the Border, a group of young Japanese have dangerous games in the blank version of Tokyo parallel world survive – not everyone survives.

Trailer for the first season:

Alice on the Border – trailer

Alice in Borderland season 2 to air on Netflix in 2022 December 22

The parallels are unmistakable. At the end of the first season, many questions remain unanswered. Good thing there is now from December 22 the second season of Alice on the Border running on Netflix (watch on Netflix.). Even if the second season doesn’t open until just two days before Christmas, it certainly won’t be contemplative and contemplative. The audience should rather brace themselves again for one shock moment or another.

Even more Netflix insider tips:

For now, Alice on the Border remains one of those Insider information on Netflix deals. But even those who have already been entertained by Squid Game will have a good time with this Japanese series. Don’t worry: although the Season 2 trailer is in Japanese, the series will continue to be dubbed in German:

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Alice on the Border – trailer trailer in Japanese

Goes down well

IMDb currently has a very good 7.6 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes has a 75% rating from professional critics. Real viewers see it even more positively – 91 percent of positive votes speak for yourself. In short: it’s worth a look, but a little stronger nerves certainly won’t hurt.

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