Season 2 Series 6: Hanging Girl 6 series Season 2 Unresolved – Cold case Austria

Heinz Kern was one of the most successful dance athletes of his time in the 1970s. Even though Heinz Kern was very popular from the outside, the list of his potential enemies was long. Competitors, jealous men or a former love hobby? On September 14, 1972, Helga Kern received a pack of Styrian delicacies. Sausages, beer, bacon and minced meat that Heinz Kern loved. But pleasure brings death to Heinz Kern. He becomes a victim of a poison attack. There is a lot of speculation as to who could be the culprit or the perpetrators. So far, researchers are trying to figure this out.

2021 December. Spanish journalist Carles Porta contacts the editors of Unsolved – Cold Case Austria. He is asking for your support for a young girl who was found hanging on a tree in the 1990s. September 4 In Portbou, Spain, on the Catalan-French border. Police knew it was suicide at the time. But Porta doubts. Was it the stabbing murder of a woman of about 25 years? He conducts some investigation and receives a police report. There he learns that there are six Austrians nearby. Do you have any information to help with the case?

New cases of Aeryn Gillern. Witness reports after broadcast Unresolved – Cold case Austria broadcasts.

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