Season 2 will be available on Hulu in January

Hulu is continuing How I Met Your Father with How I Met Your Mother in January. Will Hilary Duff’s Sophie be able to save her relationship with Jess? Or is he even a father?

Hulu has a second season How I Met Your Father published on January 24 20 new episodes How I Met Your Mother– Branches have been published and will be published online weekly. In this country, the format is Disney+ at home

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As in the previous series, the main character (Kim Cattrall) her children in the future, as she met another father at that time (that is, in our present time). The first season started in 2021. Sophie (Hilary Duff) and their friends want to discover themselves and, most importantly, have fun, but of course dating also plays a role. Who will end up being the father?

have more roles Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars, GLOW) as Jesse, France Raisa (Grown up) as Valentina, Tom Ainsley (The royals) as Charlie, Tien Tran (Space Force) as Ellen and Suraj Sharma (God Befriended Me) as Sid.

The second season of HIMYF will reveal whether Jesse declared his love too soon and how it will affect his relationship with Sophie. And then there was a kiss with an ex-girlfriend… More recently, Valentina and Charlie broke up because their ideas about having children differ. Can it shock someone?

Duff is also listed as a producer, while Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, “How I Met Your Mother” are executive producers. Pamela Fryman, who directed most of the original films, is also back, filming, among others, serial pilots.

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