Season 3 Reruns, Air Dates, Stream and Reruns

Temptation Island VIP 2022 is coming. Here’s all the Ultimate Loyalty Test Season 3 release, air dates, streaming and reruns.

Continues – RTL+ brings people Season 3: Temptation Island VIP 2022 is imminent. Here we have all the news about the transfer and replay.

Start Temptation Island VIP 2022

Streaming service RTL+ announced the start of the third season of Love Test on Tuesday, 4. 2022 October month, announced You can download a short video from 2022 here. September 27

Temptation Island VIP 2022 Season 3

There are twelve episodes and a reunion show. Broadcast dates:

  • Episode 1: 2022 October 4
  • Episode 2: 2022 October 11
  • Episode 3: 2022 October 18
  • Episode 4: 2022 October 25
  • Episode 5: 2022 November 1
  • Episode 6: 2022 November 8
  • Episode 7: 2022 November 15
  • Episode 8: 2022 November 22
  • Episode 9: 2022 November 29
  • Episode 10: 2022 December 6
  • Episode 11: 2022 December 13
  • Episode 12: 2022 December 20
  • Reunion Show: 2022 December 27

Video: SAT.1

Temptation Island VIP 2022 – What’s the show about?

Four couples pass the ultimate test of love and loyalty in Temptation Island VIP. In practice, it looks like this: they are separated from their partner and spend a lot of time in the beautiful island environment in luxury villas. They have absolutely no contact with their respective treasure. Here’s the thing: There are eleven temptations for people of each gender that do everything they can to keep couples well apart. Difficult tests await the main characters.

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This time here are the pairs:

  • Christina Dimitriou and Aleksas Petrovičius
  • Michelle Daniaux and Gigi Birofio
  • Sandra Sicora and Tommy Pedroni
  • Aurelius Savina and Lala Aluas

Everyone participates because they have good reasons to test their love a little. In every relationship there are sensitive questions that need to be clarified – does the affair even have a future? Does something need to change? Does one or the other even find someone more suitable for you on the island of temptation?

Staying on the island is by no means a relaxing beach vacation in the afternoon sun. There are outrageous parties and exciting dates, but there are also workshops with serious self-reflection on the agenda. Presenter Lola Weippert shows matched photos of herself or her partner by the fire in the evening. This leaves a lot to be guessed at – did everyone keep their appointments? Or maybe there was already some side air in the relationship? It will be interesting.

Speaker: Lola Weippert

Photo: RTL/Frank J. Fastner

Temptation Island VIP 2022 transfer

Like previous seasons of the temptation show, no. 3 is also a streaming-only service RTL+. Or, in addition, the subsequent broadcast of the reality show on a linear TV program from RTL planned, not yet announced by the broadcaster.

One RTL+ To see it live, you need to dig a little in your pocket: you need a subscription to the version RTL+ Premium and come with 4.99 euros per month. However, as a new customer, you can try this payment model for 30 days for free, according to the broadcaster. If you want more convenience, i.e. simultaneous streaming on two end devices, we recommend it RTL+ Max for €9.99 per month – also includes a one-month trial period (terms: September 2022).

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Will Temptation Island VIP season 3 be repeated in 2022?

Yes indeed! You can also click here RTL+ trust, and if the record is sufficient for (at least) seven days after the original posting date, then…

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