Season balance: District League season B (east)

Venne lands with big leader champion – Hunteburg

In the season of 2021/2022, one team dominated in the B season of the district league: TSV Venne. Favorites from Bohmte and Melle followed, but they never threatened the TSV.

Even before the season stood with TSV Venneto TV 01 Bohmte and SC Honey II determined the championship favorites – finally the team from Nico Fehlhauer assured too. The data proves impressive: TSV scored the most goals (72), missed the least (15), lost only one match and played with them. Tardeli Malungu (23 goals) The most productive player in the league. The race had to ruthlessly acknowledge Venner’s advantage.

At times, it seemed that Bohmte and Melle were speaking out in the championship race. Unexplained weaknesses – as in Bohmte in the first half of the season – or serious staff failures (Melle) ended the attack in the first place. In the end, both teams would have to score 41 points each – even if Bohmte had announced the promotion as a goal. SC Melle and their coach Thomas Egbers however, the foreground was the development of the young team and the introduction to the field of men.

The team took fourth place with 37 points Television Wellingholzhausen, who resisted the other teams – who were in second place for a long time. Coach Mathiasas Lührmannas The relegation to the relegation, which was declared the minimum in the first season, occurred early.

Mirk SG Ostercappeln / Schwagstorf played a strong second half of the season and also allowed him to experience a long-term failure of his coach Wiho Heimbachas don’t step out. The reward for that is a very good fifth place on the table, which was not expected before the start of the season.

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From TuS Borgloh and SV Visingen left in sixth and seventh place after a mixed season – both coaches would have expected a little more. Although Marcas Schrieweris remains the coach of Borgloh Lenart Horn leave Wissinger in the direction of the VfL Osnabrück Youth Academy.

Mirk SG Wimmer / Lintorf and SuS Vehrte had been stuck in a fight for a long time, but eventually managed to leave Hunteburger SV behind. With 74 goals missed, Vehrte has the weakest defense in the league; becomes a coach here Marcel Brinkmann, who replaced Andreas Cabus during the season has to start in the new season.

From TSV Riemsloh After a failed first half of the season (zero points), he was awarded a fantastic comeback and 17 points in the second half, which meant eighth place in the final. Especially winter access Birger Rostas elementary contributed to survival in the league with nine goals.

Hunteburger SV by Michael Winter on the other hand, you have to get into the district class with only ten points. Some staff failures that failed to catch up also contributed to the playful deficits. With 63 goals missed, the team had the weakest defense in the league after Vehrte. Plus, just 25 goals just wasn’t enough.

A quick look at the fairness chart reveals that the SC Melle U23 team are clear winners; only 18 yellow cards in 20 games are exemplary. On the other hand, the fallout from Hunteburg is also in last place here; 39 yellow and two yellow-red and red cards were dealt before the team. There are also four yellow cards and one yellow-red card against team officials.

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