Season Two: It’s ‘Celebrity Divorce’ Ex-Couples!

clearly separated going to the next stage! In the first season of the reality show, he tried, among other things Luigi Birofio and Michelle Daniels or Serkan Yavuz (29) and Carina Spack (26) to approach again. Over the past few weeks already suspectedwhich could be part of the second season – The first ex-couples of the second season of “The Divorce” are now officially known!

As is the transmitter RTL announced that filming for the show will begin this week. Some former celebrity couples are moving back into a villa in South Africa. The first candidates are already known: Inter alia Gloria and Nikola the actor have to get the show back together. After a few weeks, they broke up Temptation Island. There is also another couple from the format: Kate Merlan (35) and Jacob Jareckis (27) even got married a few months ago, but only recently announced their separation after some controversy.

Among the third former couples involved, there are many Fabio de Pasquale and Marlisa Rudzio. They also put their loyalty to the test on Temptation Island, and also appeared together #Challenge for a couple part However, earlier this year, the influencers announced their separation.

“Prominent divorced” participants in the nomination
Gloria and Nikola Glumac, Noticeably Separated
Mrs. Marlisa and Fabio, Noticeably Separated

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