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Jörg Draeger is back with “Go all out!” to return Photo: SAT.1 / Marc Rehbeck

Jörg Draeger December 8 returns with a second season of Go to the Whole! to return In the interview, he talks about his return to television last year and reveals when he will be done with the game show.

After the first season of the game, the remake of Go it all!, confident of good ratings, the show is back again. From December 8 (Thursdays, 8:15 p.m. Saturdays 1 and Joyn) moderator Jörg Draeger (77) and colleague Daniel Boschmann (42) will present another season and three new episodes on the 1st.

In an interview with Spot on news, Draeger talks about his return to television, why he’s relaxed about the second season and when he says “Go all out!” In addition, the moderator looks back on his year on a trip to St. Jacob’s way and reveals how he spends Christmas with his family.

How did you enjoy the successful comeback of Go for it!

Jörg Draeger: It was fun, but also hard work. The build up time was really challenging, a Friday night show with 110 minutes of prime time is not something you just roll up your sleeves. It was very hard work for everyone involved. But my age has advantages: I approached it calmly, the quota is no longer a decisive factor for me. It was different in the 90s. Every day you looked at the numbers and worried about how things would continue. This time he was completely gone. Also, I’ve never watched my show before. Unless the director says, “You made such a mistake, please make sure it doesn’t happen again.” I have now watched three shows of the first season in a relaxed atmosphere with family and friends.

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Were you satisfied with your performance?

Draeger: We can be more than satisfied because there was so little time for all the preparations. In about six weeks, we managed to set up the studio, get sponsors for the awards, develop the games and think about what we should carry over from before and what is no longer relevant to the era. But I am sure that there will be a qualitative leap in the second season. This time we had more time, we were able to modernize and give a new coat of paint to the games that I really must have from the 90s. Communication with Daniel Boschmann also improved. You have to imagine that we met before the first season. You can’t expect two guys to stand in an arena and play nonstop verbal ping pong. We’ve gotten to know each other better now and we’re friends now, and of course that affects the show.

How was your transition to working with someone?

Draeger: I didn’t mean “Get Out!” that we’ve created now, that is, an evening show that lasts more than 90 minutes and has two hosts. I made a compromise there, but I was free to say that I didn’t want to. But out of curiosity and joy that I could do it at all, I accepted it. And I must say that Daniel’s role is sensational. He is really good at it, I often had tears in my eyes from laughing. We have created an opportunity for everyone to shine in their field, I take the games, he selects the candidates.

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If you were allowed to decide for yourself, what would the show look like?

Draeger: If I was just in charge, it would have been an evening show of about 60 minutes. I would have gone out and started playing and doing what I wanted to do. It used to be, but I also have to accept that it won’t work today. As in many other sectors, things have become fairer and cleaner here. It used to be that if I stumbled, did something wrong or said something stupid, I had to get out of this dilemma myself. Not everything was perfect was exactly what the audience thought was great. But as a broadcaster or producer, you can no longer afford it. With social media, you are immediately at the mercy of criticism.

Your dead mother noticed your TV comeback…

Draeger: My mother passed away peacefully about a year ago at the age of 100. She lived with us in the house, she climbed the stairs herself. She still liked to drink her piccolo and her cigarette…

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