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If you like a series, you want to continue watching it as soon as possible. It’s annoying when episodes don’t load.

The series is good entertainment and a distraction from the busy everyday life. You can let go and dive into other worlds. You empathize with the characters and sometimes find “friends” in them. It’s disappointing when the seasons suddenly stop loading, and the series remain somehow unfinished. Fans sometimes wait months and even years for sequels. As in the series “The Good Doctor” ant Streaming portal Netflix.

The series “The Good Doctor” is very popular. But Netflix users will have to brace themselves for the new seasons. © Imago.

The Good Doctor: That’s what the show is about

Shaun Murphy had a difficult childhood in the country Training of specialists he goes to the city, to San Jose. There it turns out that he is far more competent than his superiors. This is because Shaun is autistic, he has it island talent in the field Medicine. This means that he knows this area very well. Its disadvantage: interpersonal interaction.

Can you stream The Good Doctor?

When it comes to watching all the episodes of The Good Doctor, fans have to cheat a little to make it legit. address Netflix is the first three seasons see and then the search begins. With streaming service RTL+ at least there is the first four seasons, which means all Netflix users can immerse themselves in the action further down the line. And with a competitor Amazon Prime Video there are already some fifth season see. However, it is not included in the Prime offer, individual videos must be purchased here. Danger: So far, only the original English version is available this season.

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The Good Doctor – Stream 5 of HR Law

You can get the current fifth season from the provider See WOW/Sky. There are all the consequences fifth season until in 2022 August 15 available. If you want to wait for streaming on Netflix, you have to be patient longer. Presumably Vox and Sky will have exclusive rights to the new episodes for around two to three years. Only then can they be used, for example, on Netflix. included in the program will According to this, the fourth season of “The Good Doctor” could be between in 2023 May and October coming to Netflix. to fifth season then just enter Summer of 2024 to come (cbl)

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