Sing mein Song 2022: All the songs in the 6th series with Floor Jansen

“Sing My Song – Exchange Concert” 2022 enters the next stage. In the 6th series of the 9th season, the performers of the exchange concerts are dedicated to the leading music High Jansen Finnish Symphony Group Nightwish. We’ll tell you which Floor Jansen songs will be heard in this episode, including the lyrics!

Finally it’s the turn of power for the woman Floor Jansen! In previous Season 9 series, she has already proven how changeable her voice is. On the 6th of the exchange evening, their exchange concert colleagues will provide even more variability after examining some of Floor Jansen’s songs in detail and later presenting them on Tuesday to Floor Jansen.

All songs from the 6 series:

  1. Noise“- interpretation by von LOT
  2. Sleeping sun“- interpretation by von Clueso
  3. Time of history“- interpretation by von Kelvin Jones
  4. Fire“- interpretation by von ELIF
  5. Until Love Died“- interpretation by von Johannes Oerding
  6. Amaranth“- interpretation by von SDP

There is one song we can wait for. namely “Amaranth“, The duo of musicians interpreted SDP. They selected one of Nightwish’s most famous songs and translated it into German. With their version, SDP will definitely bring a lot of enjoyment. Anyway, we’re already excited!

Whether Floor Jansen will pick up the microphone on the 6th of the exchange night is not yet revealed in the introduction to the 6th series “Sing mein Song – Das Swap Concert”. But to get the feel of Floor Jansen, we present a clip of her latest song. “Fire, Which will be reinterpreted by ELIF on Tuesday, 2022. May 31, 8:15 p.m. per VOX.

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Fire – Floor Jansen (official music video)

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Sing My Song 2022: All the info, actors, episodes and songs

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