So different they solve the same fantasy problem

The two fantasy titles currently dominate the series landscape and have many parallels, including a major challenge that they solve in completely different ways.

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Fantasy fans can’t really complain these days. After the more recent Netflix adaptation The Sandman caused a sensation “Dragon House” and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Currently the discourse of pop culture. Despite all the love, both works are not without criticism; what is that name But surprisingly, both series are criticized for the same basic problem.

That’s not surprising, because it’s the same problem that all novel adaptations struggle with, especially in the fantasy genre: the template is just too broad to get it right. But what’s amazing is that House of the Dragon and Rings of Power tackled this challenge differently. By the way, if the fantasy is not enough, do not miss the following titles:

The Dragon House has a few things to miss

Those responsible for the decade-long action from “Dragon House” i decided time jumps install Only half a year has passed between Episodes 1 and 2, and Episode 3 jumps forward three years. A solution without side effects. Such multi-million dollar series especially need to appeal to as large an audience as possible in order to justify the cost on their success. For viewers who otherwise consume only mainstream titles, even this style of storytelling can seem avant-garde and accordingly overwhelmed by the unfamiliar viewing experience. That can be a risk when you have to maintain millions of viewers to guarantee future seasons.

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The story goes that time jumps also cause some nasty side effects. Home of the Dragon shines so far with its character work, but you can’t help but wonder what we’ve been missing. How did Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) react to the aftermath of the episode 2 ending? We don’t learn more about it, because the next episode only shows what happened three years later, where the trenches have already been dug. Even a supposedly important war took place almost entirely outside the narrative, ultimately reducing a seemingly important villain to an unimportant fringe.

However, “House of the Dragon” is forced to make concessions here, because the real plot – the Targaryen civil war – begins only a few decades later. Accordingly, the current impressions must be presented almost as a prologue that sets up important chess pieces for a major escalation. The alternative could have been to jump straight to Civil War, but given the already compelling narrative and the main character work that will no doubt come into play in the seasons to come, that likely would have been a poorer choice.

Rings of power condense over 3,000 years of events

The problem is even more serious The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. After all, the plot of the Amazon series aims to cover the major events of the Second Age of Middle Earth over five seasons, an era that spans 3,441 years. Those in charge have – rightly – pointed out that this forces them to compromise. After all, some peoples like elves don’t die of age, so quite a few characters are saved throughout the period, but with humans, you would have to change all the characters in practically every episode. Also, you’d be dealing with massive time jumps here as well if you didn’t want to create 50 or more seasons, which would be completely unrealistic.

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Also, the Amazon series is facing an unfavorable reality does not own the rights to JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion and some other Middle-earth works. Instead, the Second Age must be reconstructed using tales from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books and some supplements (By the way, all of these works are available as audiobooks on Audible.). So even if you want to…

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