Spin, Cut, Win – DIY Duel on Kabel 1 Live and TV: Series 74 from DIY Magazine Season 4

Today, 2022. On May 18, a new series of DIY magazine “Screws, Saws, Wins – DIY Duel” will be shown on TV. All information about streaming, live streaming options and repetition can be found here, as well as other TV tips with similar programs such as “Screws, Saws, Wins – Do-It-Yourself Duel”.

Screw, cut, win – do-it-yourself duel “Kabel eins”.
Image: Kabel Eins, handed over by the FUNKE program magazines

Already today, in 2022. On May 18, the new series “Screws, Saws, Wins – DIY” duel will be available on TV. Don’t want to miss a DIY magazine on TV? Then you should be on time 1. cable turn on: season 4 of the 74 series begins 18:55 to watch. To watch TV online: Kabel 1 also offers live webcasting.

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“Screws, Saws, Wins – Do-It-Yourself Duel” live today on TV: That’s what the series is about

We produce under the open sky – with his outdoor kitchen projects, the environmentally friendly René and his cousin Corinna compete with the loving Celina and the goal-oriented Christian. Who will win and be 1000 euros richer at the end of the day? (Source: Kabel 1, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

Watch shows like DIY magazine Screws, Saws, Win – DIY Duel on TV today

Are you interested in series like “Unwind, Cut, Win – Do-It-Yourself Duel”? Then we have some tips:

  • 17:05 shown on RTL two “SOS – rescuers on duty”.
  • 18:00 comes through RTL two “First dates – table for two”.
  • 18:00 it is open on Saturday 1 Lensen takes power.
  • 7:05 PM by RTL Zwei “Berlin – Day”.
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“Screws, Saws, Wins – Do-It-Yourself Duel” Replay Online on Kabel 1 Media Library and on TV

Today, at 6:55 p.m., you won’t be able to see “Screwing, Cutting, Winning – Do-It-Yourself Duel? The Kabel 1 media library can be useful here. It offers a large number of TV deposits online as video-on-demand for streaming – and, most importantly, after the corresponding television broadcast.. Kabel 1 will not be repeated on TV yet. You will usually also find the program online when it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

Today on TV “Turn around, cut, win – do-it-yourself duel: all information at a glance

Date: 2022-05-18 (first edition)

at: 1. cable

Consequence: Season 74/4

Genre: DIY magazine

Year of manufacture: 2022

Long: 80 minutes (18:55 to 20:15)

HD format: Yes

More “Screws, Saws, Wins – Do-It-Yourself” TV Series

Here you can find out when and where you can watch more TV series “Screws, Saws, Siegen – Home Improvement Duel”:

The name of the episode (s) Series Consequence Date time Sender duration
4 75 2022-05-19 6:55 p.m. cable one 80 minutes
4 76 2022-05-20 6:55 p.m. cable one 80 minutes
2022-05-22 1:20 p.m. cable one 85 minutes
2022-05-22 2:45 p.m. cable one 85 minutes
2022-05-22 4:25 p.m. cable one 85 minutes
2022-05-22 5:50 p.m. cable one 80 minutes
2022-05-23 6:55 p.m. cable one 80 minutes
2022-05-24 6:55 p.m. cable one 80 minutes
2022-05-25 6:55 p.m. cable one 80 minutes

Details of the season and serial number are assigned by the respective TV stations and may differ from the name in the official series manuals.

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