Star Cottage 2022: SPOILERS! This pair is out today (September 21) – episode 5

Even before the start of the current season of “Star Bungalow”, many fans knew that the couple’s show could crack like never before. And of course, not only scraps fly, but also pairs… What comes out? And what else is there? That was the decision in episode 5.

  • “Star Summer Home” started a new round on Wednesday, September 7.
  • Episode 5 of the popular RTL show airs on TV today, September 25, and can be accessed in advance via the RTL+ streaming service.
  • Who was able to save one lap further and who was thrown out? That solution is in episode 5.

One pair out, one in! This happens in episode 5

The fifth series of Das Sommerhaus der Stars began with an exit challenge in which soap opera clerk Stephen Dürr and his wife Katharina had to compete against Kader Loth and Ismet Atli. The pairs had to complete two runs of the course. Stephen and Katharina Dürr were far ahead, beating Kader Loth and Ismet Atli, who had to leave the celebrity apartment immediately.

But then a surprise: By Marco Cerullo (33) and partner Christina Grass (33 years old), who met and fell in love with “Bachelor in Paradise”, moved and settled in a villa.

In the second team challenge, the pair of influencers immediately had to compete against other participants. Nine candidates have secured nomination protection. Other couples didn’t make it in the allotted time and have to fear being kicked out again.

This happened in the 4th episode of Star Summer Home

In episode 4 of “Star Bungalow”, the game first takes place in the “diagonal position”. Pairs must place several objects standing on the swing without tipping over. Original football Sascha Molders (37) and Yvonne Molders (42) may be the only pair to win the match. The second game involves a sack race across a course, and at the end the celebrities have to search for a golden horseshoe in the dirt. This game can turn Reality star Eric Sinderman (33) and Katharina Hambuechen (27) to win. This allows them to “identify” a pair that was previously “safe”. The two choose Sascha and Ivonne Mölders.

Eric and Katharina are not only on board with this decision, it seems that they are on good terms again. Deep kisses and hugs should emphasize this. Some even believe that Eric could still have proposed to his girlfriend on the show. Will they continue to fly on cloud 9?

Ultimately, all couples have to make a decision and an actor Stephen Durr (47) and his wife Catherine (39) get everyone’s vote to finally leave the house. But what others didn’t expect: the Quit Challenge began. Because Stephan and his Katharina Reality is the queen Kader Lot (49) and Ismet Atli (51) Once selected, the two pairs must compete against each other in the next episode. Was this a tactic? Because Kader and Ismet have always been weak opponents in games. Which loser must then leave the Star Bungalow is decided in episode 5.

Which pair should go? That was the decision in episode 3

Episode 3 of Star Summer Home aired on Wednesday. Marcel Dähne and Lisa-Marie Weinberger were still seen (rather glumly) at the beginning of the episode, but then they had to leave the house. And who got kicked out of episode 3? In two challenges, pairs of contestants managed to avoid elimination.

However, at the end of the 3rd episode, no one left the “star summer house”. The real reason for this is probably this: according to the Bild newspaper, two pairs of candidates are still voluntarily leaving the show this season. Mario Basler and Doris Büld as well as Sascha and Ivonne Mölders. Therefore, it will be in season couples move into the “star bungalow”..

who’s out Who’s still in? This is the status after the 3rd episode:

  • Kader Loth and Ismet Atli: Still there
  • Mario Basler and Doris Büld: Still there
  • Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer: Still there
  • Cosimo Citiolo and Nathalie Gaus: It still is
  • Stephen Dürr and Katharina Dürr: Still there
  • Eric Sindermann and Katharina Hambuechen: Still there
  • Sascha Mölders and Ivonne Mölders: Still there
  • Marcel Dähne and Lisa-Marie Weinberger: Chosen in episode 2

2 in 2022 Star Bungalow episode: Which couple should have left the show?

Warning, spoilers! If you don’t want to know who has to pack their bags in 2022. In episode 2 of Das Sommerhaus der Stars, stop reading!

Also in the second episode of this year…

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