Star Trek – Picard Season 3: A Tribute to Old Series and Just the Beginning?

To Star Trek – Picard Season 3 will return in 2023. February 16 (USA). Patrick Stewart much more Starship Enterprise – Another Age-The actor is back on the home screens. Some had already entered Star Trek – Picard Watch season 1 and/or season 2, others are brand new.

Interview with Den of Geek magazine spoke Star Trek – Picard– Show host Terry Matal on how significant Star Trek – Picard Season 3 sequel Starship Enterprise – Another Age-Let it be history. As you will see at the end of the season, it was time to continue one of the versions that would have been established in the series. Then it’s no longer a story for Picard, but a sign that Next Generation is alive and well. Opening doors and more stories about the final Star Trek – Picard Is season 3 out?

Matal only hinted at this, but emphasized that it’s difficult to find a balance between what is purely fan service and what honors past adventures and changes. So he just focused on what was most important to him.

Star Trek – Picard In any case, season 3 would have felt like another season for him Star Trek– The universe must fit. They wanted to take new steps, but also continue the stories and arcs that were told over 30 years ago.

By the way, fans of other exes Star Trek-The series doesn’t feel out of place. According to Matalo, one praise with Star Trek – Picard Season 3 is also a legacy Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. and Star Trek – Starship Voyager..

Who will take over the finale next week?

As a sequel A traveller you see Star Trek – Picard yes, in any case, by simply integrating Seven out of Nine (Jerry Ryan), but also DS9-Fans should feel heard and seen. According to Matal, Picard connects the old series to the present in so many ways, and given the current time period, there are an incredible number of ways to pay homage to what came before.

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