Start, broadcast dates, airtime and season 2 information

“Princess Charming” will start again in 2022 with a new season. Here we will tell you all the information about the start of the dating show and the broadcast dates.

2022 is time again: sun, joy and lots of butterflies in The Charming Princess. The single lesbian dating show kicks off a new round in mid-June.

As the first branch of lesbiansDer Bachelor“or BachelorettePrincess Charming followed in the footsteps of its predecessor gay last yearCharming prince“. The concept is simple: a number of single lesbians are trying to win the heart of a tempter and become the last conquerors.

What 2022 Princess Charming broadcast dates? And what else do you need to know about the new episodes? In this article, we have summarized everything that is important about 2022. Princess Charming start and broadcast dates.

Start: When will 2022 be shown? Princess Charming with Season 2?

The second in 2022 The Princess Charming season with streaming service provider will begin on Tuesday, 2022. June 14 RTL + to the start.

Princess Charming Broadcast Dates 2022

The new Princess Charming 2022 series is always on the broadcast portal on Tuesdays RTL + released. It is not yet known how many numbers will be displayed there in total. The first season consisted of nine regular episodes and one episode with the merger. We believe that this will not change in 2022.

Here’s a preliminary overview of individual episode broadcast dates:

  • Series 1: 2022 June 14 RTL +
  • Series 2: 2022 June 21 RTL +
  • Series 3: 2022 June 28 RTL +
  • Series 4: 2022 July 5 RTL +
  • Series 5: 2022 July 12 RTL +
  • Series 6: 2022 July 19 RTL +
  • Series 7: 2022 July 26 RTL +
  • Series 8: 2022 August 2 RTL +
  • Series 9: 2022 August 9 RTL +
  • Series 10: 2022 August 16 RTL +

New “The princess is charming“2022 Hanna

Hanna is the Charming Princess, 2022. A single lesbian from Hanover, she is a construction project manager and hopes to meet the woman of her dreams in Princess Charming. The 28-year-old describes himself as “humorous, cheerful and very energetic.” Hanna is passionate about riding motorcycles and fast cars. When it comes to homosexuality, she wants more normality: “It annoys me that you always have to define your sexuality. In fact, it should be something very natural. “

"Out with Tommi Schmitt" Saturday on ZDFneo: repeat of the talk show on TV and online

Hanna is the new Charming Princess.

Photo: RTL

Candidates: What Lonely Women AreThe princess is charming“Will you be there in 2022?

A total of 19 lesbian candidates will compete for the 28-year-old favor of Hanna in Princess Charming 2022. The list of participants has not yet been published. We will let you know about the single women involved as soon as we have more information.

Transmission: how to seeThe princess is charming“2022 RTL +

How will the Princess Charming 2022 broadcast work? For now, individual episodes of the second season are only broadcast online to the provider’s paying customers RTL + see. The episodes will be shown on TV later on the free TV station Vox ether. A specific TV delivery date has not yet been set.

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