State Football League, Season III: GSV Maichingen are clear favorites in the derby against SV Böblingen – Football in the Böblingen area

In the first round, SV Böblingen (blue) got along well with Maichingen, at least in the first half: In the end, GSV won away 3-0. Photo: Eibner/Dmitry Drofitsch

GSV Maichingen is making big strides towards the Bundesliga title in Season III, while SV Böblingen is languishing in the basement. The signs ahead of the derby, the first game of the second half of the season, could not have been more different.

Years TSV Ehningen there is no game, there is a big prestigious football match between two neighborsnational league, season III. SV Böblingen have a lot of respect for leader GSV Maichingen’s callousness.

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