State Football League Season III: GSV Maichingen can’t find a gap against Deißlingen – Football in the Böblingen area

Maichingen coach Giuseppe Vella: searching in vain for a crack in SG Deißlingen’s defence Photo: Eibner/Tasos Ioannou

Tournament leaders GSV Maichingen have to settle for a 0-0 draw against tenacious and hard-hitting SG Deißlingen in the third season of the football state league.

GSV Maichingen remains in footballnational league, Season III, are still unbeaten, but drew 0-0 against SG Deißlingen to extend their lead in the table. The climber proved to be a tough nut that the front runner couldn’t crack. “Deißlingen did well against the ball,” GSV coach Giuseppe Vella had to admit, “but we still lost two points.”

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