Strangers: Preparing for Season 4 – You Should Watch These 10 Series Again on Netflix

Background of foreign things

Strange things are already in season 4 and the last episodes are still a long way off. To refresh your memory, Netzwelt provides 10 series that you should watch again.

Strangers: 10 series for quick viewing

Strangers: 10 Series for Quick View (Source: Netflix)

  • “Foreign” staff 4 was a long time ago, it would open soon Netflix. but finally go.
  • Anyone who hasn’t seen the series since 2019 has already had to forget a lot of events.
  • Netzwelt tells you 10 important episodes that you should broadcast again in preparation.

Foreign thingsIs one of Netflix’s most popular series, but since Season 3 began almost three years ago, most fans of the series have already seen countless other series, and memories of the latest happenings are fading.

At the same time, you want to broadcast new “Foreign Things” series from the beginning in 2022. on May 27 instead of starting a long re-watch to refresh the memory. For this reason, Netzwelt has selected 10 series out of all three seasons that you should watch again before season 4.

A quick scan is useful to get you back to the picture quickly. to brief summaries of relevant episodes in our series guide it is also a useful alternative for those who are satisfied with the most important facts.

Season 1, Series 1: The disappearance of Will Byers

Foreign things 1.01

Strangers 1.01 (Quelle: Curtis Baker / Netflix)

The first series of “Strange Things” not only masterfully introduces all the important characters and the world of shadows, but also reminds us how long it has been since the 1st season. Of course, if you remember Will Byers ’disappearance and Elfi’s first appearance well enough, you can easily skip this test episode.

Season 1 Series 7: Bath

Strangers 1.07

Things Changed 1.07 (Quelle: Netflix)

The penultimate series of Season 1 not only starts with exciting thrills in the best ET way, but also shows how the power of the Elves continues to grow. As Hawkins Lab plays a bigger role again in Season 4, it makes sense to get back to basics here.

Season 1 Series 8: The Other Side

Foreign things 1.08

Things Changed 1.08 (Quelle: Netflix)

In the final of the season, Will may finally be freed from the shadow world, and Elf awaits a duel with Demogorgon. Also, this is the last time we see dr. Brenner, who was considered dead but will return in Season 4.

Season 2, Series 6: Spy

Strangers 2.06

Strangers 2.06 (Quelle: Netflix)

Willui is also doing poorly in Season 2: he is being abused like a spy because of his mental connection to the mind-spreader of the shadow world. Steve and Dustin’s affairs are happier, they become friends when looking for Dustin’s pet demogorg Dart.

Season 2, Series 7: The Lost Sister

Strangers 2.07

Strangers 2.07 (Quelle: Tina Rowden / Netflix)

“Lost Sister” is one of the least popular episodes of “Stranger Things” and accompanies the Elves in her own little adventure. There, she meets Kali, another girl who gained power from experiments in Hawkins ’lab. She and her gang of the wrong people could play the role again in Season 4.

Season 2 Series 8: The Mind Flayer

Strangers 2.08

Strangers 2.08 (Quelle: Netflix)

Bob Newby was a sympathetic addition to Season 2, but of course the character was sympathetic to make viewers particularly sad when he died. In Series 8, Bob makes a heroic sacrifice, allowing his friends to escape the lab. An episode worth watching, but you can skip watching it again if you don’t get it fast enough.

Season 2 Series 9: The Gate

Strangers 2.09

Strangers 2.09 (Quelle: Netflix)

The final of Season 2 of the Stranger Things once again shows how Elves can use their power to save the day, Hawkins, and ultimately the world. In the fourth season, she suffers even more from losing her power – how should Vecna ​​from the shadow world be so stopped?

Season 3, Series 4: Sauna Test

Foreign things

Foreign Things (Quelle: Netflix)

The World of Shadows has finally released Villa, but in Season 3 Billy has to become the master of evil. In the “sauna test”, the main characters are divided into several small groups, which still work well. In the beginning there will be a similar …

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