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In the 10th season of Skoni, the Sat.1 candidates will be trained again by four professional chefs. Spectators are waiting for the proven team of Alexander Herrmann, Frank Rosin, Alexander Kumptner and Tim Raue.

Munich – “Taste” goes to a new round. To Season 10 of the popular Sat.1 cooking show features four professional chefs again.. Familiar faces await the audience. Alexander Herrmann, Frank Rosin, Alexander Kumptner and Tim Raue decide on the gold and red stars. Introducing the jury.

Taste (Set.1): Season 10 – Everything you need to know about The Jury

Alexander Herrmann: Upper Franconia was born in Kulmbach in 1971. He grew up in the family of a hotel owner. The Herrmanns have run a hotel in Wirsberg since 1869. Alexander Herrmann completed a chef course in Nuremberg at the Bavaria Altötting School of Hotel Management. As reported by Sat.1, he passed his chef exam with flying colors – as the best in his year.

Immediately after the apprenticeship, the chef returns to Wirsberg. There he took the position of executive chef at Herrmann’s Restaurant, now known as Alexander Herrmann’s Restaurant. In 2008, the gourmet temple received a Michelin star under his leadership, and the influential restaurant guide Gault-Millau rated the restaurant with an impressive 17 points out of 20. As of 2019, the restaurant even has two Michelin stars.

Broadcasting Taste
Sender Saturday.1
Moderation Angelina Kirsch
Jury Frank Rosin, Alexander Herrmann, Tim Raue and Alexander Kumptner

“Alexander Herman Culinary School” celebrates further success: 2011 it was voted Cooking School of the Year. Meanwhile, the professional himself is also famous at the international level. And: Since 1997 Alexander Herrmann is a regular TV chef.

European Athletics Championships - Hessen duo lead relay to gold - Video: | hessenschau.de

With Skoni, Herrmann always wants to win the competition with a wide range of flavors from snacks to truffles. Alexander Herrmann has been supporting Skoni’s candidates with advice and actions for nine seasons. The people of Upper Franconia know not to overdo it. He says, “99 percent of the time, hyper-creativity is terrible!” Herrmann has already won Taste four times as a trainer.

Season 10 of “Taste”: familiar faces to the jury

Frank Rosin: The famous TV chef was born in Dorsten in 1966. Through his parents, a catering wholesaler and chip shop operator, Frank Rosin was exposed to the catering world at an early age. 1982-1985 the future chef completed his apprenticeship at Hotel Monopol and Restaurant Kaiserau in Gelsenkirchen. After that, Frank Rosin goes on a road trip. Worked as a young chef for a year in California and Spain, expanding his repertoire with direct international experiences.

In the late 1980s, Rosin traveled the seven seas as sous-chef on the luxury yacht Sea Cloud. Later he starts working independently. Restaurant Rosin was originally opened in Gelsenkirchen, but a year later moved to Rosin’s hometown of Dorsten.

“Taste” (Saturday 1) begins its 10th season. The jury of the cooking show consists of Frank Rosin, Alexander Kumptner, Tim Raue and Alexander Herrmann. © Benjamin Kis/Sat.1

in 1999 Frank Rosin became a member of Junge Wilden, a chef’s association that aims to inspire people to cook and change the cooking profession in society. A concern that the star chef passionately represents to this day and that since 2004. repeatedly expressed in various books, as explained by Sat.1.

In addition to his work as a chef and restaurant owner, Frank Rosin is a consultant for other restaurants. Since 2011, he will help other restaurant owners who need help to improve their image and kitchen again in his show “Rosins Restaurants – the chef cleans up”. In addition, he supports Rosins Kantinen canteen companies that are in trouble.

Disney+ is streaming the rest of Season 1

As a trainer and judge on “Taste”, Frank Rosin shows that delicious and honest home cooking – with an extra pinch of sea salt – is still his best. Rosin is still waiting for his first win at The Taste. (Read here: Taste (Set.1): Here’s what previous winners are doing today)

in 2004 Rosin was awarded the first Michelin star, and in 2011 – the second one. In addition, Der Feinschmecker chooses a restaurant…

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