Tearful evening with Kelvin Jones shakes ‘all of Zimbabwe’

Kelvin Jones sang “Cry A Little Less” in his 2021 hit of the same name. Sing My Song was now called Cry A Little More: The fourth episode of the exchange was about a Zimbabwean and British soul singer. “I could cry the whole episode,” Jones announced immediately, and in fact he cried several times during the evening.

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No wonder, because his fellow musicians gave up again. “My English is disgusting,” Clueso admitted, translating “Love To Go” into German. SDP spokesman Vincent Stein and Dag-Alexis Kopplin included a homemade glockenspiel in their version of Seventeen and adapted the song into their teens. But it excited me with the other songs.

“Is your family watching today?” – Not just my family. All of Zimbabwe!

“Anyone who turns on the radio can hardly ignore Kelvin Jones,” presenter Johannes Oerding said. The 27-year-old has written a lot of hits in recent years. Any man lying behind the hits?

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Jones, whose real name is Tinashe Kelvin Mupani, is from Zimbabwe, where most of his family still lives. He said being here in South Africa, a neighboring country, means everything to him. “Is your family watching today?” Oerding wanted to know. “It’s not just my family. All of Zimbabwe! This is the case in my home country: we are always very proud. ”He has been number one on Zimbabwe radio airspace 20 times in recent years.

From Zimbabwe to London

Jones was eight when his father, fearing a political situation in Zimbabwe, decided to leave the country with his family and move to live near London. “Was it a cultural shock?” Oerding asked. Suddenly, his family found themselves in the middle class, not the middle class, Jones said. “My mother was very ashamed and I was not allowed to take her friends home for the first three years.”

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He was the only black school. “But the children were so nice and interested. It was not racism. I felt like I was the sexiest person in this school. ”Jones was also fascinated by the street lighting. “It was a question for me,‘ How rich are these boxes?

In fact, he wanted to be a football player, Jones continued. He has been playing professionally since the age of ten. “But when I was 16, I felt like it was just stress. I started playing guitar the next Sunday. At first it was just a hobby, but later the dream grew.

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The initial signal of his international career was the song “Call You Home”: a friend posted it on Reddit at the time, and one night the song received a million views on YouTube. Floor Jansen of the symphony metal band Nightwish turned the song into a power ballad at an exchange concert that Jones couldn’t think of more than “Holy shit!”.

First memories of love: “She broke my heart”

Meanwhile, host Johannes Oerding chose “The Only Thing We Know.” “My version is more like a bonfire on the beach,” he said, pushing Kelvin Jones to the limit for the first time. What version. I never thought how emotional this song could be. “

Elif went one step further with his Don’t Let Me Go version. The song is about Jones ’first love. “Daniel was her name. It broke my heart, “he revealed. “I wanted to understand the point,” Elif said of his emotional piano ballad, hitting the bull’s eye. Clueso struggled with tears, Dag-Alexis Kopplin closed his eyes excitedly, and Jones laid his head on Oerding’s shoulder, crying. “The second line was a murderer,” Clueso later praised, embarrassing Elif. “I do not pay much compliments, can we continue? Otherwise I will cry soon. “

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The “big connection” between Lotte and Kelvin Jones

The last thing on the show was Lotte’s Cry A Little Less version. “I wrote this song in one of the most difficult moments of my life,” Jones said. “It simply came to our notice then. I cry every time. ”“ Vincent, can you give me a handkerchief? I think I could have one …

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