Terminated! 2 seasons in this amazing science fiction series is not enough

Anyone who watches a lot of series has experienced this before: the series you liked, the one you nurtured from series to series, suddenly ends. The broadcaster concerned shall decide on the cancellation. Everything is over from here. And in the worst case, the story ends openly, without any real conclusion. You have a lot of questions left and you have to comfort yourself by turning the rest of the storyline in your head.

Such endings hurt and hurt the world of the series. They undermine our viewers ’confidence in the stories going on. No matter how good or bad the series is, every fan deserves a conclusion, a finale, a conclusion. But that doesn’t help. Anyone who fell in love with the science fiction epic “Rearing Wolves” on WOW TV (formerly Sky) last year must now be strong, because after the second season, which is still waiting in Germany, it will not continue.

Wolves raised: what was the science fiction epic about?

"Breeded by Wolves" is one of the most challenging series of recent years.  Perhaps too difficult for mass success?
“Bred by Wolves” is one of the most difficult series of recent years. Perhaps too difficult for mass success?

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The world of series without “Wolves” is definitely poorer, because the topics covered here are sought in vain elsewhere. The mythological science fiction track follows two androids, a father (Abubakar Salim) and a mother (Amanda Collin), who are raising a group of children on a distant planet. They are expected to form a new, improved humanity as humans on earth almost completely destroyed each other during the religious wars of the 22nd century. For this reason, android children are brought up in strictly atheistic, that is, unbelieving.

The emerging society is suddenly shattered when the spiritual fundamentalist Mark (Travis Fimmel) and his disciples land on the planet. They have survived religious wars, and soon some of the children of the Father and Mother are also guided by the religious ideologies of “old mankind.” Is a new war inevitable?

After cancellation: The series that will be skipped

Religious differences leading to war. A new, undefiled humanity that embraces its broken ancestors. A young planet whose dangers are little understood. And two androids who can only think of binary terms, i.e. black and white, good and evil, so have little understanding of spirituality. Legendary director Ridley Scott has solved big problems in his series “Raised Wolves”. As in some of his films, including “Prometheus – Dark Signs” or “Kingdom of Heaven,” he perfectly raises morally challenging questions in interesting stories. And all with an amazing, innovative look that will take down your socks.

The season of ten series has already appeared on WOW TV, and the second season of eight series will be shown in Germany. After that, it’s all over, HBO Max, the US-based supplier of Raised by Wolves, wants. It’s tragic, maybe even scandalous. Such a complex and thoughtful narrative is rare in the serial sector. And the cessation of this production will only ensure that fewer series of this type will be produced. Even worse: as Season 2 ends with a lot of surprises, viewers in the future will be even less willing to take part in a challenging TV that is challenging and thought-provoking.

Maybe another streaming provider will save the series. Whether it’s Netflix, Prime, or Apple TV +, they have two equally strong and bold science fiction portfolios with “For All Mankind” and “Foundation.” That’s to be expected – for Raised by Wolves fans, but also for the entire landscape of the series.

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