The Awakening on KiKa Streaming and TV: What’s Next in Episode 8 of the Kids’ Comedy Series?

Today, 2022 On September 21, a new episode of the children’s comedy series “Weckschreck” will be broadcast on television. You can read here on where and how you can watch The Elephant with a Damaged Roof. Also: All other TV dates from Weckschreck in review.

Today, 2022 On September 21st, a new episode of Weckschreck will be available on TV. If you don’t want to miss the children’s comedy series, you should arrive on time KiKa turn on: Episode 8 begins (The Elephant with a Damaged Roof) 13:45 to watch. To watch digital TV: KiKa also offers live streaming online.

Awake Live & TV Today: It’s About The Elephant With A Damaged Roof

The elephant in front of Jan’s bed in the morning is a work of art for which Cem must receive an award. But the thing has to go to the town hall to celebrate, and time is running out. With Patty’s help, Jan tries to get the elephant to where it belongs in time and without anyone noticing. However, this proves to be extremely difficult as the bulky waste collectors have taken the artwork away and are reluctant to return it. (Source: KiKa, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

Watch shows like the children’s comedy series Weckschreck on TV today.

Are you interested in series like Weckschreck? Then we have one more tip:

  • 2.05 p.m. it will be broadcast on Super RTL “Welcome to Speakers with Casagrandes”.

Replays of Weckschreck online in KiKa Mediatheque and on TV

Can’t watch Weckschreck today at 1:45pm? Take a look at KiKa’s media library. Here you’ll find tons of TV shows that you can stream online when they’re streamed as video-on-demand. KiKa will not be repeated on TV yet. You will also usually find the program online when it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

August 1 a new season of the young reportage format "Rabiat" is starting

Weckschreck on TV Today: Full cast and info at a glance in The Elephant With A Broken Roof

With: Elijah Freeman, Vincent Hagn, Bella Bading, Pheline Roggan, Bastian Reiber, Alberto Ruano, Beren Tuna and Oliver Thorner

Datum: 2022-09-21 (first issue)

address: KiKa

Consequence: 8 (“Elephant with damaged roof”)

Genre: a comedy series for children

Year of manufacture: 2022

For a long time: 25 minutes (from 13:45 to 14:10)

in HD format: Yes

More episodes of Weckschreck on TV

You can find out when and where to see more episodes of Weckschreck on TV here:

Title of episode(s). Series Consequence Datum time Sender duration
One hundred thousand euro note 1 9 09/22/2022 1:45 p.m Reading 25 minutes
Deep sleep shaft 1 10 09/23/2022 1:45 p.m Reading 25 minutes
Helpful Hilde 1 3 09/24/2022 5:30 a.m ZDF 25 minutes
A rewind time machine 1 1 09/24/2022 5:55 a.m ZDF 20 minutes

Season and episode number details are assigned by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the title shown in the official episode guides.

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