‘The Big Celebrity Bake Off’: The new season’s contestants are real

Eight celebrities want to test their baking skills at Das Große Promibacken 2023. The seventh season of the popular celebrity cake show will begin on Wednesday, 2023. January 11 (8:15 p.m. Sat.1 and Joyn). What stars this time?

Celebrity Bake Off 2023: Gerit Kling and Joey Heindle are here

Actor Kai Schumann (46), colleague Gerit Kling (57), moderators Caroline Beil (56) and Jochen Schropp (44), singer and TV star Joey Heindle (29), former athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt-Gregor (42) and Philipp Boy ( 35 years old), as well as the writer and comedian Nicole Jäger (40 years old) are baking around 10,000 euros for a good cause.

For the first time in the series, actor Kai Schumann will be a celebrity creating exclusively vegan creations. “I see the show as a unique opportunity to introduce the benefits of a vegan life to a larger group of people,” the actor explains beforehand. “I’m going to show you that vegan tastes damn good.”

This is how the Big Celebrity Bake Off works.

The season consists of six episodes in total. Each episode of Celebrity Baking consists of three baking challenges. This time it includes baking a Hungarian Dobo cake, terribly beautiful 3D and motif cakes with scary effects, sophisticated interpretations of banana bread or Red Velvet variations (red dough with white cream).

Who has to leave the show at the end of each series is decided by a well-known jury consisting of the queen of motif cakes Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt (51) and Christian Hümbs (41), multiple Pastry Chef of the Year, after the award. points (celebrities can get a maximum of 20 points for completing a task). The show will be moderated again by Enie van de Meiklokjes (48).

Airtime and date of the finale, episode 6 is today

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