The creator of the series reveals the plot of the first two episodes

The sixth season of “Riverdale” ended the summer on a high note. But the story of Archie, Betty and Co. is not over yet, as the show’s creators are currently working on the seventh and final season of the hit show. Producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed the first exciting details about the new episodes on Instagram!

The cast of “Riverdale” has not yet returned to the set, but the creators of the series are already hard at work on new episodes. Producer and screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa gave a little taste of the first two episodes on Instagram. On the one hand, the creator of the series shared Title of the first episode: “Don’t Worry, Darling” (translated: “Don’t worry, darling”) – that’s the name of the first episode of the final season. Was Aguirre-Sacasa inspired by the current movie starring Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde? It is quite possible, after all, the much-discussed film is starring 1950s — just like the new season of Riverdale. As revealed at the end of season 6, time is being turned back in the city. Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead are teenagers again and going to school in their 50s. In another post, the series creator also reveals that there will be a sock hop dance at the high school, one Rock and roll dance event, which was very popular in the US in the 1950s. One thing is clear: EVERYTHING will be different in the new season! We can’t wait for filming to begin.

Instead of offering a proper ending to Riverdale in the here and now, the creators decided to take the teenage series back in time. As creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed in an interview, the 1960s is both important and a new beginning in the final season of the 1960s: “So we can tell stories about the first time – the first kiss, the first crush. When we meet them, they don’t have a deep, tortured relationship yet. , that we know and love about them.

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Conversely, for fans, this means: the successful series starts from scratch in the final season, with a completely different story, and the actors will also be connected to each other by completely new constellations. It remains interesting…

The final season of Riverdale should get a worthy ending. In conversation with Decides suggested to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to bring back some long-lost cast members for the final show.

“I hope Season 7 brings people we haven’t seen back to Riverdale. It’s special.”

Generally speaking, this could mean that Jughead’s father, FP, could be back in town. Or will there be a meeting with Sabrina?

Kiernen Shipka, who portrays Sabrina, spoke on the subject Accelerator:

“Yeah, she has to go back. I think they’re going to need her help again.”

It remains to be seen if the Betty and Jughead and Archie and Veronica reunions will also happen. However, the showrunner confirmed that some couples from season 6 are staying together, while season 7 also sees new stars. In any case, it’s going to be difficult, because characters who were particularly queer in the 1950s now face completely different challenges.

Until Riverdale’s seventh season finale in Germany, fans still have to be patient Netflix will air, but at least Lili Reinhart, aka “Betty Cooper,” now has a look at how the popular character on the show could continue.

In an interview with SXM, she said she doesn’t know exactly what will happen, but she believes Betty Cooper will have a happy ending. “I don’t know who Betty will end up with. But I hope she’s happy,” so an actress. So all fans of the comic book adaptation will be interested to see if Cooper ends up choosing Archie or Jughead — and so are we!

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