The creators are changing the planned finale after season 4

Without question there is Stranger things one of the most popular series in recent years. From end of season four fans are looking forward to this July fifth and final season hit series.

Stranger Things: Original ending rewritten for season 5

Last weekend was WGFestival in Los Angeles. They were also guests there Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer, produced by Shawn Levy and some actors from the cast incl Jamie Campbell Bower and Joseph Quinn.

Apparently in the mood for conversation, those in charge revealed a few Details on the Hawkins Grand Final – although we do it well no earlier than 2024 will see So, according to Ross Duffer, some of the ideas came from the Season 2 scripts.

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There are already scripts for the fifth season created during locking. At first, it seemed that the Duffer brothers were also happy with it. But after the fourth season was released and they got the first reactions to it, they decided rewrite the final.

We read the document again and thought, that’s great, that’s great. But it could be so much better.”

Although the ending is slightly different, many of the basic ideas are the same. But what happens inside is different.

The finale of Stranger Things is a tearjerker

The calculation seems to have paid off. As Matt Duffer reveals in an interview, the script idea has Netflix– The superiors criedwhich he took as a good sign – especially if there were no budget tears this time.

But it also put some pressure on executive producer Shawn Levy.

As a witness and being on that set for two hours and reading the first script, I’m paralyzed by the fear that I might screw it up.

But above all, Levy praised focus on the characters. So it’s clear that season 5 will take care of their stories, “because that’s always been the lifeblood of Stranger Things.”

Season 4 ended on a grim note. ©Netflix

According to Ross Duffer, that’s the point:

“[G]just as important as the supernatural is that we have so many characters now – most of whom are still alive – and it’s important to wrap up these storylines.”

die Filming of the last season is planned for 2023. in the summer to start Also, the Duffer Brothers spoke a while back separation is possiblef. In the meantime, we continue to be patient and look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

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